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  1. Doingitforthegramhuntake2

    Hollyoaks #4

    New thread. Please feel free to do a recap!
  2. Doingitforthegramhuntake2

    Hollyoaks #3

    I’ve scrolled through the first 5 pages of most liked posts and couldn’t see any thread title suggestions.
  3. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #26 What in the bad episode of Hollyoaks is going on?

    on we go ladies! sending lots of love to the last thread (and to @Jadejones9596 at the end there) - some men around who don’t even deserve the luxury of being thrown in the bin tbh. anyway just remember: winning title from the fabulous @Clementine and originally nominated by mozz however...
  4. WilmaHun

    Hollyoaks #2

    Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/hollyoaks.3256/ Carry on…. Brody won’t be much of a loss tbh. Hope he gets replaced with a fitty 🤪
  5. GossWhore


    I do love me some Hollyoaks, HOWEVER I'm getting a likkle tired of Breda Harry also shouldn't of died and can't stand Mitchell "acting"