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  1. oshare

    Grackle #5 A Tradwife-core bore, who is watching anymore?

    Thanks to the lovely @Harhei for the fantastic title suggestion! ✨ What happened in Grace's life? She got engaged, got married, went on honeymoon with her husband and they moved into their new home. She's been making dinners for her husband, making spreadsheets filled with dates. Went on a...
  2. oshare

    Grackle #4 Begging for freebies while behaving like she’s on CBeebies

    Welcome to Grace's 4th thread! Last one flew by even though nothing much happened. Up to her usual routine of buying, tasting, buying, begging and more buying! Wonderful thread title by the lovely @CabalofBolorneaise Someone please kindly do a recap! Be sure to vote in the poll! Happy...
  3. oshare

    Grackle #3 Barely dated and married off. Zoe Sugg must be devastated

    Title thanks to @jackolantern and @Coffeeismysoul Short summary: Lots of food waste, too many supermarket/hotel/tea/drink trips, expensive shit that's a good deal, tone deafness, begging for items, lots of bore Grace is getting married off Continue on... đź’•
  4. E

    Grackle #2 Infantalisation and bakery reviews - will pretending to be fifteen get me more views?

    Thanks to @Harhei for the title, not even sure what to recap apart from she seems to be regressing in age, seems to have basically run out of content ideas and seemingly wasting loads of food that she isn't eating. Anything else to add?
  5. E


    A thread for the youtuber Grace/Grackle.. a lot of us started in the rave column but have started to find issues with her channel...
  6. bolimepipi

    Grackle #2

    last thread: on the last couple pages there were mentions of excessive baking, dairy, random account tagging joke, loving her eating like xx videos, brother's engagement and sister's engagement. once again, rip to all of our chances with jesse...
  7. Emlii


    Does anyone watch this young lady? She’s like a breathe of fresh air amongst the fake ad pushing You tubers.