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  1. Fifah1907

    Glowupwith_becca #6 Instead of glow up why doesn’t she grow up

    No TikTok, no engagement, no sticking to the 75 day plan. Everyone review your own performance like Becca reviewed hers on Trustpilot please!
  2. M

    Glowupwith_becca #5 Beccas Bridal Era - The cuddles are “epic” but the hen do is pathetic

    Congratulations tattlysquid for the new thread title!
  3. M

    Glowupwith_becca #4 Fugly shoes, won’t drink booze. #freechris

    Congratulations to user5609 for the new thread title...again!! --- When I've got nothing better to do one day, I'm going to make a little fugly shoe montage
  4. M

    Glowupwith_becca #3 Course PB, Alcohol Free, everything’s all about me me ME!

    This is my fist time creating a thread, I hope it works! Thanks to User5609 for the thead title. --- They're not getting married for another year are they? Why are they starting dance classes so early? I'd find it so cringy if I went to a wedding and the first dance was choreographed...
  5. Polkadot123

    Glowupwith_becca #2 Becca’s Wedding: Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free, Fun-free

    New thread Well done to @Boabs-Tea ! Love it. Wonder what our gal Becca will get up to this week...just kidding we know exactly how her week will go. 😴😴
  6. L


    Anyone stumbled across her? I used to quite like her but she essentially did the body coach plan, lost loads of weight and then rebranded it as it being all her. Also she goes to parkrun every week to run and never volunteers which should be a federal offence 😂