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  1. whatstheteab

    Flossie Clegg #8

    New thread
  2. whatstheteab

    Flossie Clegg #7 Can't edit her personality of soggy bread, so she does it to her legs instead

    Title credits: @gel13 Anyone want to summarise the last thread?
  3. whatstheteab

    Flossie Clegg #6 Career is dying and she’s always crying

    Recap of the last thread: - Started dating Charles Hall. He previously had a thing with Anastasia Kingsnorth, who coined his nickname as “thingy”. There’s speculation that they’ve now split. - Posted a video titled “Start of my weight loss journey” which earned her a lot of backlash. She...
  4. whatstheteab

    Flossie Clegg #4 Losing relevancy and still faking a personality

    Title credits: @tattle420
  5. whatstheteab

    Flossie Clegg #3 Copycat personality and lost touch with reality

    New thread! Recap of last thread: - Olivia is moving back home and Flossie is moving to another flat in London. - Has developed a seriously questionable tan due to sunbed use. - Still pretending to be a carbon copy of Olivia yet she’s just as boring as ever.
  6. whatstheteab

    Flossie Clegg #2 A bit of a beg but we do admire her oh so long long legs

    Title credits: @madisonsmith12 Finally made it onto thread number 2 🤣
  7. V

    Flossie Clegg

    Saw people ask for a thread to be made on her!