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  1. Lizzy 93

    Ferne McCann #6 Thought you couldn't get worse than Sunday, Fern let me introduce to you to Finty

    Well done to @Cucumber and eggs for the winning thread title Please note this thread is about Ferne and we mean no offence to anyone who has chosen to name their child Finty 😞 I am unable to do a recap as the last thread had been running since November lol But in short Ferne has had her new...
  2. quinzel

    Ferne McCann #5 Ferne McCancelled

    New thread title courtesy of @IrishCatlady We need a BIG recap for this shit show!
  3. Tofino

    Ferne McCann #4 Who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell XOXO Gossip Girl

    Well done to @Bewful (again 🤣) with most likes. I think you need to consider a new career in thread title writing. Old thread. https://tattle.life/threads/ferne-mccann-3-met-the-guy-on-monday-filmed-the-engagement-on-tuesday-another-baby-daddy-for-sunday.33047/ I’m not a regular on the Ferne...
  4. Lizzy 93

    Ferne McCann #3 Met the guy on Monday, filmed the engagement on Tuesday, Another baby daddy for Sunday

    Well done to @Bewful who got the most votes !! 🥳🥳 Ferne is engaged to a sponger Please feel free to add to the recap 😂 Previous Thread; https://tattle.life/threads/ferne-mccann-2-so-focused-on-who-shell-marry-leaving-parenting-to-any-tom-dick-harry.23464/
  5. coconochanel

    Ferne McCann #2 So focused on who she'll marry, leaving parenting to any Tom Dick & Harry

    New thread thanks to @Dd29 for title suggestion which was originally 'Too focused on who she's going to marry, leaving the parenting to every tom dick and harry' but was too long so I had to shorten it.(y) anyway recap for newbies.... Ferne has been dumped by the latest BF She is still shit at...
  6. Sogdhitalley

    Ferne McCann - TOWIE/First time mum.

    Fern thread as requested...