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  1. _Laura

    Emma’s Rectangle #6 trout pout, desperate for tiktok clout, improve her form? Very much doubt

    After a whopping 1105 posts on the previous thread, it was time for a new one! Congratulations for the thread title with 31 likes, @ratatataaaa - Emma's got ✨ADHD✨, you may have missed that, as she really doesn't mention it much. - She's also got herself a new boy toy nicknamed Arms. We don't...
  2. bcfc999

    Emma's Rectangle #5 Vlog fails, grimy nails, fake lips the size of two fat snails

    Thanks Metamorpheuse13 for the title - 24 likes! An update on Emma: - she went to Barcelona but it wasn't a 'proper' holiday - her nails are still disgusting - she's still putting in bare minimum effort with her videos - she's waiting for an official ADHD diagnosis (which she'll probably use as...
  3. _Laura

    Emma’s Rectangle #4 Content's late, humour's up for debate, completed a marathon without training mate!

    Congrats to @Lurker2867 for the new thread name! I had to amend it slightly because it was too long. https://tattle.life/threads/emmas-rectangle-3-ive-got-meals-and-reels-but-keep-your-nose-out-of-my-feels.20306/ Anyone care to recap? In short: - Emma's still extremely busy doing nothing... -...
  4. Cutlass

    Emma’s Rectangle #3 I've got meals and reels, but keep your nose out of my feels.

    Title is a mash-up of @bcfc999 and @Tom_Nook! RECAP (Love Life, Fitness, YouTube): - Broke up with long term and live-in boyfriend, Tim. Snapped at her followers for asking about the breakup before she was ready to talk about it. - Emma is still unhealthily OBSESSED with working out. - It's...
  5. dinkybird

    Emma’s Rectangle #2 No upload tonight, nothings wrong, been stewing apples all day long

    Thanks to @Ladya31 for the thread name - I've had to tweak it a bit to make it fit the character limit :) Recap: FITNESS: - Emma is unhealthily OBSESSED with working out. - Set herself a "600 workouts" goal as her 2021 resolution, evidently never heard of a rest day. - Bought herself a squat...
  6. G

    Emma Johnson (Emma's Rectangle)

    Not sure if she already has a thread? I'm loving her YouTube content recently. I've known about her for years but never really been interested in her videos. She's recently been on a fitness journey for the past year and she posts really good what I eat in a day videos, she's down to earth and...