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  1. Discolights

    Elaine12Jones #9 Her dreams have come true, she’s eating for two, thinks covid’s the flu, Will has no clue.

    Thanks to @Hamburgerhelpless for the best title!
  2. M

    Elaine12Jones #8 Moving in with Will, lying about the Pill, always moaning that she’s ill

    Thanks to @Nikkinikki7788 for the thread name! So quick recap for those just joining us: - Elaine is living in Yorkshire with a guy called Will (not his real name - he has a South African name so she calls him Will). She met him online and they went on their first date on Christmas Eve. She...
  3. M

    Elaine12jones #7 Fad fitness diets galore, move back 2 Newcastle Will thinks you’re a bore

    Thread title courtesy of @obviously.... (I had to shorten it to fit though - sorry!) Continue the discussion of Elaine here. ....will she move back to Newcastle? ...will she try to guilt trip Will into moving back with her? ...will they live with Neil and his new girlfriend? (lol I could...
  4. Oohthedrama

    Elaine12Jones #6 Elaine’s marriage is down the pan, but it’s ok everyone she’s got a new man!

    Thanks to @BananaRama for the new title continue here.
  5. Hatshepsut

    Elaine12Jones #5 She loves the Gins so she scrapped the syns

    Thanks to @Nikkinikki7788 for the new thread title with the most likes. (I used the first one)
  6. Hatshepsut

    Elaine12Jones #4 She thinks the jungle top is hot. We all know it’s not!

    Thanks to @Haym13 for the new thread title. 👍🏻
  7. Beggars belief

    Elaine12Jones #3 Newcastle's number one sexpert

    New thread!
  8. S

    Elaine12Jones #2 Newcastle's number one weight loss expert!

    Thanks to @Beggars belief for the thread title! (Think this had the most votes!)
  9. I


    Does anyone else find this woman highly irritating?! Her pout when shes talking really annoys me, she really loves herself & she’s joined slimming world more times than I can remember! Also on Instagram as Elainesworld.