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  1. theoneandonlylife02155

    Dad v girls #5 let’s go shopping and don’t look at the prices, 50 holidays a year in a cost of living cri

    Thanks @briannajaynehawkes for the title most liked post So kaci passed her test They are still profiting off kaci and grace They had maddie and chloe to replace kaci and grace They treat there kids like best friends Kaci is driving now but will probably get banned in 6 months as she drives...
  2. theoneandonlylife02155

    Dad V Girls #4 title will be coming next week!

    Thanks @Aurora123 for the thread title Anyone wanna recap anything I’ve missed Another Des Vu collection coming out same tat as always nothing original there Kaci is posting inappropriate content on her Instagram They are lazy and say there posting say is a Wednesday but most of the time...
  3. Saddlesoap

    Dad v Girls #3 soon to be forgotten, all that money is turning them rotten.

    Third thread, couldn't see any suggestions, unless admin can? Baby #5 is here, born on Graces birthday yesterday.
  4. OliviaPope

    Dad V Girls #2 Obsessed with designer labels, Advertisements and Sponsorships

    Top voted title @Ottilie
  5. UnknownCreature

    Dad V Girls

    Can't find anything about them on here would like to know everybody else's opinion on them I like them so far but that can always change in a second did with creepy Chris the alleged ponce[emoji23]
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