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  1. J0J0

    Crystal Bailey #5 She lost jobs, a kid & her mind but found a vienna sausage in platform sneakers

    Thanks to @EveryDaysASoulDay for this cracker of a thread title 😆
  2. J0J0

    Crystal Bailey #4 Manic and drunk 12 month mentorship for hire, just swing by the AirBnB in Byron Shire

    New thread name thanks to @StickyTapeTits
  3. J0J0

    Crystal Bailey #3 Hey Crystal, God actually wants you to shut the hell up and fix ya eyebrows

    Credit to @StickyTapeTits for the thread name 😂
  4. lifeispeachy

    Crystal Bailey #2

    How quick will this thread? I’m predicting more reminiscing on the the past and gloating about the incredible life she build 🤪
  5. lifeispeachy

    Crystal Bailey

    As Lizzo says, "it's about damn time..."
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