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  1. R

    Clemmie Telford #5 There once was an a-hole from Peckham who likes to buy houses and wreck’em

    There wasn't a new thread title suggestion so I went with this limerick from @skronkywildcat which was in the Most Liked list.
  2. T

    Clemmie Telford #4 But why Clemmie?

    Title by @Sunnybee Sorry, I can't do a recap but I guess her house is still dirty.
  3. skronkywildcat

    Clemmie Telford #3 Can't handle cash? Can't get pissed? Can't dress as an adult? Write a list!

    Here it is - thread number three for the Steptoe of Instagram.
  4. H

    Clemmie Telford #2

    Continue here, let me know if there was a good thread name view all threads -
  5. B

    Clemmie Telford

    Couldn’t see a thread for Clemson T. But, ANOTHER GIFTED BREAK?! Maybe I’m jealous. I probably am. But I just find it hard to watch all the freebie content.