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Carrie Hope Fletcher (born 22 October 1992) is an English actress, author, singer-songwriter and internet personality.
As a child, Fletcher played small roles on television and appeared in musical theatre in London's West End. In 2011, she started a YouTube channel called Carrie Hope Fletcher (formerly ItsWayPastMyBedTime), which features music and vlogs. As of June 2020, she has over 652,500 subscribers.
Fletcher played Éponine in Les Misérables in the West End until 13 February 2016 and is currently playing Fantine in the musical's revival at Sondheim Theatre, which started on 18 December 2019. In 2015 she published a book called: All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully, which was a Number 1 bestseller in the UK. Her debut novel On the Other Side was released on 14 July 2016. Her second novel All That She Can See was released on 13 July 2017. Her third novel When The Curtain Falls was released on 12 July 2018. Her fourth novel In The Time We Lost was released on 17 October 2019.

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  1. polkamoon

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #97 As Long As No Olivers Need Me

    Another classic thread title from @Mark81 with 99 likes 👏🏻 👏🏻 Is a recap even worth it? Carrie had a baby, or a muffin as she now calls her, she’s ever so uniquely breastfeeding and now Crabbie and John have just announced a new Beggars Call venture called MT Junior, or Juniors I’m not sure...
  2. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #96 I am my own best friend

    Congratulations Mark81 for the winning thread title with 46 likes! Previous thread here: Anyone want to sum up the last thread?
  3. RudeDog

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #95 The misadventures of Neponine and The Sperminator

    Thread title credit to @awkwardjellyfish and @Skewbedu As predicted by Tattlers, Caz has become even more boring since she birthed Maybe it's Mabelline in March (NOT Feb 29th). Neponine is still sticking to her guns re. not showing Mabel’s face (unless Tom Fletcher is in the photo). However...
  4. Fifah1907

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #94 are you this?

    using my rugby break wisely!
  5. Fifah1907

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #93 Joel’s Heir has Fallen Out

    New thread brought to you by my gym procrastination 🫡
  6. polkamoon

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #92 I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I’m living

    Well done to @awkwardjellyfish for another thread title with 86 likes 👏🏻 This COULD be the thread that sees the arrival of Macavity Mayonaise Mushroom Montague who appears to have not arrived on the #notlikeothergirls due date of 29th Feb It seems Carrie is using her hiatus, which us normal...
  7. Fifah1907

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #91 Excuriatung

    Keep the baby names coming 👏🏻 --- Thank you @daisymay30 for the titles
  8. DaisySims89

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #90 Are you a tory?

    Winning title by @wordzalad with 71 likes 😁👍 So close to thread #100! Previous thread:
  9. DaisySims89

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #89 Stranded in Parody, the captial of Farce

    Winning title by @Lolly505 ☺ Previous thread Recap A parody account of Beginner's Call was made on X/Twitter, basically mocking Joel & Carrie'a slap-dash business model and their own...
  10. polkamoon

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #88 Rewriting her history better than she writes fiction

    Prev thread: Well done to @daisymay30 for the very factual winning thread title with 90 likes! The latest with Carrie and Joel is that someone has made a parody twitter account for beggars...
  11. polkamoon

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #87 doxxed! in the captial of stupid husbands!

    Another thread for the only women to ever be pregnant in every universe 10/10 title from @Mark81 with 102 likes after Crabbie and Shrek doxxed themselves by posting their address online against their new company Beginners Call, or more affectionately and accurately named, Beggars Call I did...
  12. DaisySims89

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #86 It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me

    Thread title by @influbored with 88 likes Previous thread: Currently discussing Carrie's current Instagram bio where she has, for some reason, listed all her major roles - has not mentioned...
  13. kev1974

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #85 I am big, its the audiences that got small

    Brilliant thread title by @Mark81 (here) - I especially love it after seeing Sunset Boulevard last night 😂 Previous thread here: Special mention for @MickeyMouseClubhouse thread...
  14. DaisySims89

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #84 Took longer to choose her carpet than she did her husband

    Winning thread title by @Mark81 with 192 likes 👍 Big news, Carrie is going on tour next year with her baby who will be 7 months old by then. Lots of questions as to why she will want to take a baby on tour when there's no guarantee either of them will be up to it, physically and/or emotionally...
  15. polkamoon

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #83 What’sOnStage? Not Carrie, for much longer!

    10/10 thread title from @awkwardjellyfish 👏🏻 Carrie is still the only person who’s ever been pregnant, and spent her honeymoon posting stories to her super special subscribers. She’s also pregnant did you know?
  16. Mark81

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #82 The Honeymoaners

    Thread title from me haha (yay me!) Old thread - Carrie is mid tantrum meltdown on social media about not being eligible for a WOS award. But actually it's really about the fact that Oliver has moved in...
  17. polkamoon

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #81 Your career! It's behiiind you!

    Winning thread title from @Pistachiyo with 68 likes, whos also made another iconic bingo card which I’m sure will be quickly filled up as the Shreks are on their way to their first honeymoon! Did you know Carrie is pregnant?
  18. DaisySims89

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #80 From Les Mis to Lame As 😂

    Winning thread title by @No_Its_Ever with 121 likes 👍 Carrie's still pregnant The Crown Jewels is still running She went on a rant after being accused of being passive aggressive in her Q&A answers and says she has well-established boundaries but we all know that's not true Joel has been...
  19. DaisySims89

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #79 Baby on board? Baby, we're BORED

    Winning title by @PiefaceG with 98 likes 👶 Not too much as happened after Carrie announced her pregnancy. She has done a couple of Q&As where she has come across been more snarky and defensive as usual She got a TfL "baby on board' badge to wear on the Tube but she seems to never take it off...
  20. snowfairy17

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #78 What do we do when life gets tough? Marry our rebound and get up the duff!

    Had to shorten the thread title as it was slightly too long, should've read: Carrie Hope Fletcher #78 And what do we do when life gets tough? Marry our rebound (twice) and get up the duff! Thank you @awkwardjellyfish for the title! Honourable mention to @polkamoon for "Baby shrek do do do do...
  21. DaisySims89

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #77 Tom Adjacent

    Winning title from @Sping with 86 likes Recap: Nothing else matters because Carrie has announced that she is PREGNANT. Aaaand continue... last thread:
  22. G

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #76 Never Heard Of Him

    Winning thread title goes to @polkamoon Recap: Carrie, who so desperately wanted privacy and feared turning her wedding into a performance, has sold her wedding photos to hello magazine not once, but twice Tom was mentioned in the article more than her husband which says it all
  23. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #75 Half arsed influencer, whole-arsed husband!

    Congrats disneylover_89 (inspired by Mollycastle) winning with 107 likes! Previous thread here-
  24. kev1974

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #74 Wedding a mess, WTF was that dress, where the love is - that's anyone's guess

    Winning title by @AvaKnight with 71 likes - congrats Previous thread here Recap: - She got married (AGAIN). Does the eloping not count now? They seem to be pretending it doesn't. - The theme was...
  25. kev1974

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #73 Bursting into Unwanted Musical Song

    Winning thread by @awkwardjellyfish / Dominic Cavendish (it came from his Telegraph review of The Crown Jewels) - clicky here Previous thread: clicky here Wiki: clicky here or on the pink button at the top of the page Recap: There was a "hag do" in Blackpool. About 8 people went. It rained...