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Carrie Hope Fletcher (born 22 October 1992) is an English actress, author, singer-songwriter and internet personality.
As a child, Fletcher played small roles on television and appeared in musical theatre in London's West End. In 2011, she started a YouTube channel called Carrie Hope Fletcher (formerly ItsWayPastMyBedTime), which features music and vlogs. As of June 2020, she has over 652,500 subscribers.
Fletcher played Éponine in Les Misérables in the West End until 13 February 2016 and is currently playing Fantine in the musical's revival at Sondheim Theatre, which started on 18 December 2019. In 2015 she published a book called: All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully, which was a Number 1 bestseller in the UK. Her debut novel On the Other Side was released on 14 July 2016. Her second novel All That She Can See was released on 13 July 2017. Her third novel When The Curtain Falls was released on 12 July 2018. Her fourth novel In The Time We Lost was released on 17 October 2019.

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  1. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #33 Learn Me Me Me Me Me Me Me meeeeee warm ups with Scamarella

    Congrats and thank you to GrilledCheese for the thread title, winning with 42 likes! Previous thread here-
  2. londongirl2001

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #32 Girl got dumped, thread got bumped

    Welcome to the latest installment in the Adventures of Miss Hope Fletcher and Mr Speedo 2022! Thanks to @YTZeleb23 for the new title! Previous thread Title credit (most popular post) A bit of a recap...... Well, to be honest, not that much happened. - After the Croatia holiday...
  3. YTZeleb23

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #31 They kiss, they attack, but most importantly they show buttcrack

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  4. YTZeleb23

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #30 Crabbie and Goyle thank you for your feedback

    Thanks to Clover123 for the winning title. Previous:
  5. YTZeleb23

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #29 Where’s my career? It’s behind you!

    Title thanks to @awkwardjellyfish Previous thread here. Previously: Carrie and Joel went on holiday for a week, and spent most of it sharing it with us. This included nudes, reels of them kissing, repost-ception, Carrie sliding into someone's DMs, her and Joel actively leaving comments for...
  6. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #28 Boyfriend is creepy, will do anything for a freebie

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  7. S

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #27 Live, Laugh, Love Out Loud

    The title was posted by @Sping but @doggiepainter suggested it as a title.
  8. S

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #26 I will retweet all your co-stars... to remind you of my love

    Thanks to @summerstrallenshat for the thread title. Unfortunately it was too long, so I had to edit it but this is what it should say: Joel Hope Fletcher: "and when push comes to shove, I will retweet all your co-stars... to remind you of my love" (DADADADADA)
  9. Kairi19

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #25 Joel's snogging makes us sick, when will Carrie get the ick?

    Winning thread title by Alice_Taylorx Previous thread: Recap: Carrie & Joel continue to be gross and over the top despite dating for 5 weeks (they met in...
  10. Kairi19

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #24 Oli is gone and Cinders is done but Carrie doesn't care because Joel's The One

    Winning thread title by edgarthetwat Last thread:
  11. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #23 Joel is King, but Ollie’s not jealous - his new girl has a lovely roof terrace

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  12. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #22 Ollie’s flat, Cinders Spat, Summer’s hat, Carrie’s tatt

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  13. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #21 Sun's out, tongues out, Cinders Luck has run out!

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  14. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #20 No Grammy, dresses like your Granny, backstage dry-humping is uncanny

    Thank you to witchofwestbyfleet for the new thread title, winning with 51 likes! Lucyq was in second place with I made the Daily Fail, with my latest break-up wail, will AW make me bail? Will keep that in a pocket for the next thread maybe x Past thread-...
  15. G

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #19 No Olivers & No Oliviers.

    As requested
  16. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher 18 She's ginge, she's cringe and in Q&As she loves a whinge.

    New thread time. Thanks to sixback for the winning title with 37 likes. Here is the old thread- Let’s get a sum up of the last thread x
  17. kev1974

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #17 Cinderella, you shall go to the goof-ball!

    Carrying on from Thread 16: Winning title by @qwerty92 with 39 likes - here: Summary Went on holiday to Lapland with Oliver...
  18. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #16 Sad Cinderella

    Thanks to Redfloss for the new title, you won with 38 likes. If anyone has a problem with the title based on recent information discussed in the previous thread I can see about getting the title changed. I however feel its the most appropriate without being to harsh. Can someone please help to...
  19. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #15 Half assed vlogs and online tantrums

    Congrats to dull-board1423 on the winning title- a version of the title was in 3 separate posts with a lot of likes- full credit goes to dull-board1423. *with 50 likes overall Previous thread - I’ll leave...
  20. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #14 Hetroflexible with her schedule

    Thanks to queequeg19 for the new thread title winning with 46 likes! Carrying on from previous thread Please contribute a summary of the previous thread.
  21. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #13 With This Miss(ed Performance)

    Carrying on from Thank you to alice_taylorx for the thread title with 53 likes! I’ll pass it on to others to recap! Btw I did try to insert Spoopy into the title but the mods...
  22. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #12 she bloc, she attac, but most importantly, she has snac

    We’ve hit a new thread. Last thread- Thanks to bumblebee1991 for the new title. You won with 72 likes! Anyone able to sum up the last thread for us? As we learned from last time, I’m very...
  23. thisiscat

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #11 I know i have a career because I was #Gifted it

    Thanks to Kitt for the new title. Carrying on from To round up- Carrie messed up at West End Live and had a melt down. ALW had the official video taken down off of London...
  24. kev1974

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #10 Granny Mope Fletcher and her 15 videos of bows to empty chairs!

    New title by @alethophobia based on the name Granny Mope Fletcher which was originally suggested by @itsalice (here)! (had to adjust it slightly to fit it in) Carrying on from this thread...
  25. kev1974

    Carrie Hope Fletcher #9 I know I have Twitter because I blocked you

    Thread title from an idea by @cherryblossomlatte slightly modified by @Poothe, here - hope I got what you meant. Continuing from previous thread here Recent events: someone in the cast or crew tested positive for covid on Saturday resulting in the cancellation of that day's shows at almost...
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