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  1. cushtybert

    Carla Jenkins #4 Fluffs fringe, loves to binge, Nat’s teeth makes us cringe.

    New thread, title courtesy of @Tabia this is a thread about Carla, for Kazza please post here recap … fluffs fringe, drinks pepsimax, moans a lot and fluffs fringe 👌🏻
  2. T

    Carla Jenkins #3 Sells tat, eats crap, rots treth with Pepsi max.

    Title should be:- Carla Jenkins #3 Sells tat, eats crap, rots teeth with Pepsi max. Title suggested by @Tabia abbreviation by @TheresaGreen Recap of previous thread:- Reseller Carla Jenkins makes videos about her life which includes buying secondhand tat from boot sales to fleece people on...
  3. T

    Carla Jenkins #2 New job, old fringe, talk of Joshy makes us cringe!

    Thanks to @arty123 for the thread title. Brief Synopsis from old thread:- - Carla is still dieting - but she’s not gonna reduce her calories - She’s got a real job - But is still gonna sell crap on eBay
  4. Llamaramma

    Carla Jenkins larger than life

    Carla is a reseller on ebay. She trawls the car boot sales and charity shops. Her friends are mainly resellers.. Inc the lovely, sweet Lexx ( youtube name is Badbiscuit) with whom she often does 'Lives' on YouTube. In another World I doubt Lexx would have anything to do with being 'bullied'...