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  1. lexiloo

    Ash Mama Reid #8 Overrated and overweight, using her kids as pedalo bait

    New thread for Ash, the suggestion with most likes was this gem from @Ballstowall tattle on folks......

    Ash Mama Reid #7 Richard on the Gear more like!

    Ash claims that Fra is like a young Richard Gere… but our hilarious @BettyCrockerr put it much better: Aye. Richard on the gear more like!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 As you were trolls x
  3. O

    Ash Mama Reid #6 If you like this thread, click the flag to save for later.

    Thanks to @blackheart for the thread suggestion. Not much in the way of content but to scrape a quick recap: - affiliate links galore - new podcast where her and her 2 pals show just how uneducated and childish they are. - more ridiculous changes to a new build - quick moan about trolls...
  4. black ripped skinnies

    Ash Mama Reid #5 rub a dub-dub, Mama Reid in the tub!

    Thread #5 for our Ash. Title suggested by our @Bernie with 48 likes, Edited slightly so we can't be accused of body shaming... Hope it's ok! Can anybody do a quick recap, as i can't really remember much?!🙈 She panelled her TV wall, in a quest to incorporate as many insta trends as possible in...
  5. L

    Ash Mama Reid #4 Replaced Lola ASAP because a puppy fits her aesthetic you see!

    Made a new thread, didn't see any title suggestions so please feel free to replace Apologies for the misspelling in thread title, could a mod change it to aesthetic maybe? Blinking autocorrect
  6. Hatshepsut

    Ash Mama Reid #3 The name is Ashleigh just so you know, advertising beans she’s hit a new low

    Thanks go to @Young88 for the new thread title with the most likes. 😁 (Adjusted slightly to fit)
  7. black ripped skinnies

    Ash Mama Reid #2 TV Babysitters And Lola's Patio Squitters

    New thread guys. Thanks to @Misspiggy12 for the title 👌 Had to change shitters for squitters to be allowed, hope it's not a northern word and everyone gets it 🤣 Also, my stupid fat,clumsy thumbs clicked the post thread button before I could add the tags 🙈 does anyone know if I can edit it, or...
  8. black ripped skinnies

    Ash Mama Reid

    I'm new, and noticed there's no thread for Ash/mama reid. I've been watching her for a while, but lately there was just something I couldn't put my finger on about her that was putting me off... Anyone else? Also, if anyone knows where her curtains and blinds were really from I'd be very...