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  1. Pollyanna263

    Ashley James #6 Ageing like a fine wine? More like a cosmetic surgery cocktail.

    Ashley James #6 Ageing like a fine wine? More like a cosmetic surgery cocktail. Winning thread title by @willowtree2 and @MissBijou Brief recap - Ashley has spent her first night child-free. And again. And again. And again.
  2. E

    Ashley James #5 When can his nana come and parent my kid? Need to strip off for my next vid.

    New thread - title won by @Wildflower18 with26 reactions. (I think this is correct, sorry if I've missed a title!) Where do we start with Ashley this time?! - she still resents Alf. - she's talking about having another baby, in the hopes that's its a little girl. (please don't, Ashley!) -...
  3. E

    Ashley James #4 Alf’s not a mistake, I love being a mum. Don’t sexualise me, look at my bum

    Welcome to the new thread! Title won by @Ss-ldn with 15 likes! Quick recap: -Ashley loves being a mum, except for the times that she has to do the "boring mum stuff" that doesn't interest her. - she's put on the Internet how much she doesn't like her son. - her maternal instinct had come from a...
  4. Justwannaseescreenshots

    Ashley James #3 Alf’s room lit up like Blackpool Illumination. Is she regretting her little creation?

    Thread title won by @moonshine09 - had to slightly alter to fit. Summary: - Regret - Depression - Weird comments on Tommys insta posts - To breastfeed or not to breastfeed?
  5. Justwannaseescreenshots

    Ashley James #2 Parental warnings I pay no heed, did you know I exclusively breastfeed?

    Thread suggestion won by @Smellis 🥳🏆 First time I have ever created a thread so hopefully it’s all good. If somebody wants to sum up the first thread feel free but it’s basically just: Ashley exclusively breastfeeds incase anybody missed it. Previous thread...
  6. Teddy ruxpin

    Ashley James

    Surprised she doesn’t have a thread is deserved
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