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  1. Rosie34567-2

    Amelia Liana #8 Stealing is Iconic, Not Criminal.

    Carry on, Tattlers! ;) Quick recap: -Amelia thinks stealing is "iconic" and bragworthy. -Duke is gone, but that doesn't stop her from pimping out her cousin's dog for views. -Spends an inordinate amount of time traveling to avoid facing her problems. She may or may not be moving to Miami...
  2. LolitaBlah

    Amelia Liana #7 Brassy but not classy. Always the wedding guest but never the bride

    Hello everyone, thread title by susan1375 <3 Carry on tattling! <3
  3. LolitaBlah

    Amelia Liana #6 Money talks, wealth whispers, Amelia screams..

    Hello everyone! So in 5 months she went to: Maldive (twice), Paris, South of France, Positano, South Africa, Spain.. and I'l sure I'm missing some... Can you believe that all of this happened in the last thread? By this rate, we're expecting nudes soon 😇 Happy tattling!
  4. LolitaBlah

    Amelia Liana #5 One surgery away from Michael Jackson. Interiors so bad and still tacky AF in fashion.

    Hello everyone! new thread title by @WatchReelCopyReel, slightly changed cause honestly, her fashion choices are just as bad as everything else! So recap? Amelia discovered tiktok and is going crazy maniac over there. Pia is working overtime sharing reels and shorts and tiktoks and vlogs.. All...
  5. LolitaBlah

    Amelia Liana #4 Fake tan so dirty, is she thirty or forty?

    Could you believe that the last thread dragged for like almost a year! Yeah I could too 😂 as nothing special is really going on in her life. (Other then nip slips, vagina pics and all the slutty OOTD and LOTD (the L is for lingerie :cool:) Thread title by @lurkingin94123❤ Let's see if she...
  6. LolitaBlah

    Amelia Liana #3 Drunk on her insta, because she's a spinsta.

    Thread title by @Pundertaker and @cc123000 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Finally we’re at the 3rd thread, the last one dragged for 5 months so a recap would be a torture task.. The latest events?? she is still on her never-ending holiday between France and Italy.. people came and went and other people came.. and went...
  7. L

    Amelia Liana #2 More like Ad-melia Lie-ana

    New thread! Sorry but there are "Arab Jews", if you wanna call them that aka jews born and living in arab countries just like Amelia's family did for a long time. Her father IS of arabic descent as well. His whole family is from Bagdhad and her mother's great grandfather and his family also...