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  1. M

    Wilderness - Amazon Prime

    Anyone else watch this? It's a bit drawn out and the Welsh accents seem to come and go a bit but enjoyed it on the whole. But I didn't think it was as original or as fresh take as it thought it was.
  2. M

    Red, White and Royal Blue, Amazon Prime

    The gay romantic comedy dropped today
  3. L

    Daisy jones and the six - Amazon prime

    Anyone else watching? Love it so far, havenā€™t read the book
  4. gummy-bear

    Mammals - Amazon prime

    Anyone else watch this?!šŸ¤Æ
  5. Yel

    US Open 2022 šŸŽ¾

    The image quality of us open matches I've watched so far is shocking - blury, colours bleeding all over the place, ghosting, stuttering, anything red is almost flashing. I don't think it can all be an Amazon prime issue. A world apart from how good Wimbledon looks. Why does it look so much...
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