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  1. Lalalalaaaaaa85

    Fallout - Amazon Prime

    I looked and couldn’t see a thread. I wanted to start one on Fallout the video game adaptation on Amazon Prime. I watched the first two episodes last night and loving it. My boyfriend is a gamer so wanted to watch it but much like The Last of Us this is a show you don’t need to have played the...
  2. Mark81

    Nicholas Galitzine & Taylor Zakhar Perez #1 Red, White & Tattle Loves You

    Welcome to the first official Nicholas and Taylor thread! A follow up to the popular/thirsty Red, White & Royal Blue thread in the TV and Film section. We fell in love with Nicholas and Taylor in the Amazon Prime movie Red, White and Royal Blue. We were hooked on their charm, acting talent and...
  3. Mark81

    Wilderness - Amazon Prime

    Anyone else watch this? It's a bit drawn out and the Welsh accents seem to come and go a bit but enjoyed it on the whole. But I didn't think it was as original or as fresh take as it thought it was.
  4. Mark81

    Red, White and Royal Blue, Amazon Prime

    The gay romantic comedy dropped today
  5. ls240898

    Daisy jones and the six - Amazon prime

    Anyone else watching? Love it so far, haven’t read the book
  6. gummy-bear

    Mammals - Amazon prime

    Anyone else watch this?!🤯
  7. Yel

    US Open 2022 🎾

    The image quality of us open matches I've watched so far is shocking - blury, colours bleeding all over the place, ghosting, stuttering, anything red is almost flashing. I don't think it can all be an Amazon prime issue. A world apart from how good Wimbledon looks. Why does it look so much...