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  1. E

    Alisha LeMay #5 Hanging on for dear life to be Defoes 2nd wife

    New thread : @scotall had the most likes again! Even though a few of you wanted “insufferable c*nt” I don’t think that would have got past Mods. :LOL: --- Does anyone want to do a recap? :LOL:
  2. E

    Alisha LeMay #4 Your love story was staged, Defoes turned the Paige

    Thanks @scotall for the thread suggestion with the most votes! Carry on…
  3. itsnotmereally

    Alisha LeMay #3 Defoe moves murky, Alisha looks dirty, Donna acts thirsty, side hoes still flirty

    Thanks to @Pinky42 for the thread title. You win a personal shopping trip with Leeeeesh. just realised hoes may have to be changed! Pieces?
  4. JulieScoobyDoo

    Alisha LeMay #2 Defoe’s got the doe but keeps her on the down low

    Carry on everybody Mod edit remember to report when opening a new thread, thanks
  5. Oohthedrama

    Alisha LeMay alishalemayx

    Carried on from rave thread.
  6. R

    Alisha LeMay alishalemayx

    Does anyone else follow her? Personally I love her! I think she is SO refreshing and she has a really classy sense of style. May 2022. anyone looking to revive this thread, hit request to unlock (again, if you wish to post a positive comment) but it seems 99.99999% non rave-y right now 😂...