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  1. Justwannaseescreenshots

    Alexandra Cane #3 Spiritual awakening and mushroom tea, it think it’s time I put a crystal in my nuni.

    Thread suggestion won by me, I did search through and didn’t find any but this one. Not loads of likes but there we go 🤣 Summary, She’s been away from the UK for what feels like a year and she’s finally back from celebrating her vagina and has just announced she’s going to go back to school...
  2. whatstheteab

    Alexandra Cane #2 Injured knee, suffering ED but keep buying my plan from me!

    Title credits to @Randomlyorange! If someone could summarise the previous thread that would be great!
  3. Y

    Alexandra Cane

    Not sure if there is already a thread of this woman. What is everyone’s thoughts? Yes the weight loss is great.. not that she needed to lose anything in the first place in my opinion. Seems like it’s being rammed down everyone’s throats, January and all the diet plans are out!