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    Molly-Mae Hague, 24, from Hertfordshire, rose to fame on the infamous Love Island on Season 5 in 2019. Already an influencer before entering the villa, she quickly became a Fiat 500’s dream girl. Coming second place, she found love with Tyson Fury’s irrelevant little brother Tommy “TNT” Fury and they’re still together to this day.

    Her following currently stands at 7.5M on her Instagram and 1.7M on her Youtube. Her home account, @mollymaison_, has also reached 1.2M.

    Since leaving the villa, she’s landed a number of fashion deals with large brands, including FleaLT, of whom she became Creative Director for, as well as becoming a BeautyWorks ambassador and creating her own brand, Filter by Molly-Mae.





    Molly loves the drama and begs that she always receives “so much hate” online but ignores the fact that it’s her own doing.

    Food critic

    One of her first controversies occurred when she had to apologise for causing offence after describing Italian food as ‘grim’ and ‘actually shocking’ whilst on a trip to Italy, despite the fact a few months earlier she went viral for cooking Tommy the most bland and basic meal and posting it online - boiled chicken and veg - vom.



    Mr Chai

    For her birthday in 2020, Molly was gifted a Pomeranian puppy from Tommy from an Instagram led puppy breeder, Tiffany’s Puppies. Just a week after the poor puppy had been flown over from the breeder in Russia, he suffered various health and well-being complications and had a seizure and passed away. After ignoring the backlash from fans after getting Mr Chai, his death sparked outrage on social media and forced the pair to make a Youtube video addressing the situation, in which Molly admitted that it was she who organised the puppy to be brought over for her birthday and admitted to being clueless and ignorant to the awful treatment and over-breeding of puppies worldwide. View her apology video here.


    Cultural appropriation and racism

    In 2019, Molly was accused of cultural appropriation after posting an “Everyday Make-up Tutorial” in which she seemingly used a foundation shade that was obviously too dark for her skin tone and proceeded to laugh and make a joke about it. She also came under fire for wearing a Halloween costume in which she dressed up as Cleopatra. In both cases, she refused to address it.



    In a posted and now removed Filter by Molly-Mae Instagram post, Molly faced some serious backlash in the comments section after revealing her “extra dark” tanning mousse on a model who is white, leading people to accuse Molly and her brand of encouraging blackfishing.

    On 5th April 2023 Molly uploaded a questionable and racist video of her stroking her cat Eggy whilst mocking the eyes and the voice of an Asian person. See the video here.

    Filter by Molly-Mae

    Molly’s brand has received complaints about her fake tan bottles “exploding” before use and that the tan itself applies orange or green looking. The brand also continues to lie about influencers using their fake tan, stealing pictures from influencers and claiming that they’re using Filter, when in reality they’re using a different brand.




    More recently, Filter by Molly-Mae posted a job advertisement on Indeed. The job ad, which said the position would be temporarily remote, read:

    “We are looking for an enthusiastic Social Media Executive to play a fundamental role in the day to day management of the social channels for the fast growing and thriving tanning brand. As a member of the brand team your day-to-day activities will involve creating and executing the social media strategy and content with the aim to drive growth on each platform and contribute to driving traffic to the site."

    But people were incredibly unhappy as the full-time position, based in Manchester, was being advertised for just £16,845 a year. People were upset about the proposed salary after Molly’s appearence on The Diary Of A CEO podcast, during which she used the quote about everyone having the same 24 hours in the day. The job ad has since been removed.

    Covid-19 and lockdown rule breaking

    Molly managed to travel more than anyone during the Covid-19 pandemic, using the excuse that it was for “work purposes”, all whilst sunning herself on beaches and doing no work whatsoever. The couple refused to wear masks, socially distance and even lied about leaving the country when tier restrictions were introduced. They also have no manners or respect and are constantly putting their dirty shoes on the seats of Uber’s and taxi’s. They were also caught out getting a Tesco delivery during the pandemic - even though they are both able-bodied and given that they don’t wear masks, don’t seem to care about Covid-19 - yet they still happily stole an online delivery slot from someone vunerable.


    Breaking ASA guidelines

    Following her first and last giveaway in which millions of people entered, Molly was pulled up by the ASA for the way in which she chose the winner - by only including 25 names into a draw. Many of her followers took to the ASA to complain and after being told off by the ASA, Molly decided to not do giveaways in the future. She’s also been called out for not declaring ad’s and using filters on her ad posts - promoting multiple skincare products and brands at a time, claiming they’re her “all time favourite” but it’s obvious she’s never used the products before.



    Molly loves to remind us all of how poor we are by constantly posting about her spending money on clothes, shoes, handbags and jewellery. It’s questionable whether half the things she buys are real as she will never share the boxing and packaging for her designer items - some of them even have plastic tags on which designer brands would never use. She also likes to steal her manager’s designer things and pass it off as her own.

    The pair love to show off how in love they are and will post everything that they do for each other - even though it’s obviously all for show and for the Gram. You could say Molly is Oscar award winning in her performances of acting surprised by Tommy’s gestures - which by the way, they get their management to organise and use companies to set the displays up for them - even in a lockdown.




    The Queen of Photoshop, FaceTune and body filters - it’s surprising that she hasn’t done an ad with them. When she’s not busy at her 9-5 job at FleaLT, you’ll find Molly photoshopping her pictures to death. Her favourite body part to Photoshop is her nose, closely followed by her chin, jawline, waist and thighs. Molly has said numerous times that she doesn’t edit her pictures, which is a lie. She constantly claims to be on a “natural” journey, which began with the removal of her lip fillers, yet continues to Photoshop her pictures and as a result, deceives her followers into believing that they can achieve a similar standard of beauty. This behaviour can be extremely damaging when you have millions of young and impressionable Instagram followers. The edited and unedited Molly:






































    Photoshopping continued

    Photoshopping continued

    Cosmetic procedures

    Molly loves to act like a martyr for getting all of her lip, cheek and jaw filler removed as well as her veneers/composite bonding but continues to wear fake tan, hair extensions and acrylic nails. Molly has admitted in a vlog to having kept some composite bonding on her teeth.



    Distasteful posts

    Molly posted herself in a £2,000 GuccixTheNorthFace jacket which she described as “chav chic”.


    Molly, who knows nothing about childhood trauma and mental illness, suggesting that childhood trauma is something you can choose to not let affect you and suggesting that addicts are inherently to blame for their addictions.


    On the 20 year anniversary of 9/11, PrettyLittleThing shared an image of the Twin Towers with the words “Never Forget. 09.11.01” in it’s branding on their social media, with Molly reposting the picture on her social media. Molly was quick to delete the post after her followers accused her of “slapping the PrettyLittleThing brand on a tragedy”.




    On 23rd September 2021, Molly was forced to delete an Instagram story as her followers blasted her for being “tone deaf”, suggesting that she isn’t “lucky” to be in the position that she’s in but has worked harder than everyone else.


    Health problems

    In 2020 Molly had a mole removed on her leg after being alerted to it by her mum who saw it while she was on Love Island. Molly learned she had malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer and the mole went off to America to be tested by specialists. Since then, Molly has not confirmed whether the mole was cancerous or not, leaving people to question whether she was telling the truth or just wanting to create drama and attention for herself.



    Here, Molly told viewers in a Youtube video that she would be going for an operation to help with her endometriosis - a condition which can only be diagnosed after surgery - which at the time, Molly was yet to have. Meanwhile, the media ran with the story, claiming that she’d already been diagnosed with the condition and yet again, Molly continued to enjoy the attention and sympathy and not set the record straight. Since then, Molly casually told viewers in a Youtube video, here, that she had the surgery secretly and that since the operation she “can’t get over the results” of her operation. This seems to be a pattern of behaviour with Molly - a health issue that she discusses publicly and then goes quiet about after she gains sympathy.


    A week before her endometriosis surgery, she went into hospital to have two lumps removed - one from her finger and a harmless fibroadenoma from her breast. How lucky she is to be able to have every lump and bump removed from her body with little to no waiting time whilst most of us would only ever be allowed surgery if it was serious.


    On 26th August 2021, Molly announced on her Instagram that she was the new Creative Director of PrettyLittleThing and also released a collection - PrettyLittleThing By Molly-Mae. Whilst the Fiat 500’s reacted as if it was the Second Coming of Christ, many took to Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to share their anger that Molly had been given the job, without any experience in the fashion industry, having no credentials and for continuing to work with a company that is unethical and destroying the planet. Not that Money-Mae gives a damn, because without this 7 figure deal she wouldn’t be able to buy all of her designer jewellery - that of course she likes to show off at any given chance.


    PrettyLittleThing, owned by Boohoo Group PLC, was accused of modern slavery in July 2020. An investigation by The Sunday Times discovered that the company were paying their garment workers an hourly wage of £3.50 at a factory in Leicester - much lower than the minimum wage of £8.72 for those over 25. In addition, the company refuses to address environmental issues - they don’t use eco-friendly materials, instead opting for polyester in most of its cheaply made and sold clothes. There is no evidence to suggest that PrettyLittleThing has taken meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals, nor does it implement any water reduction initiatives - you get the picture. For more information on PrettyLittleThing, read here and here.


    On 16th February 2022 Molly and the PrettyLittleThing team hosted a fast fashion catwalk show in London, not associated with London Fashion Week, showcasing yet another collection with the Creative Director herself. Whilst Molly hoped to generate a buzz around her newest collection, instead she sparked a full-blown protest. Demonstrators gathered outside of The Londoner Hotel with signs protesting PrettyLittleThing and its parent company, Boohoo, for subjecting its garment workers to unsafe conditions and unfair wages, as well as contributing to fashion's waste problem by churning out a seemingly never-ending supply of cheaply made, disposable garments.


    This is unacceptable, and all it's doing is allowing [PLT founder] Umar Kamani to spend 1.5 million on an engagement ring for his fiancée... buy more cars, go to Dubai, and maybe see the Maldives before it drowns,” one protestor proclaimed.

    You have the power to take a stand against this brand. We don't care about their resale platform; this is just greenwashing,” a protestor continued, referencing Molly’s announcement of a secondhand trading site specifically for items from PrettyLittleThing.

    And that’s not all, fans were quick to take to social media to point out that many of the outfits shown on the catwalk and on the PrettyLittleThing website only go up to a size 16 - and only a select few run to a size 30. It appeared that the diversity of the catwalk models was more of a tick box exercise to avoid backlash.



    The burglary

    On 21st October 2021 at around 10PM, an “experienced gang” targeted Molly and Tommy’s flat in Hale, stealing £800K worth of goods, all whilst the couple partied in London for Molly’s latest collaboration with BeautyWorks. A “source” close to the couple told a newspaper that they would “never return back to their apartment” as they no longer felt safe. Currently no arrests have been made. View the full article here.

    Molly then hired a bodyguard to protect herself. You can understand why people have no sympathy for her when she’s posted things like this:





    After a week long silence on social media, Molly posted this to her Instagram followers following the burglary:


    But hey, we all learn from our mistakes!


    Podcast on The Diary Of A CEO

    On 13th December 2021, Molly appeared as a guest on Steven Bartlett’s The Diary Of A CEO podcast which was uploaded to YouTube. In the interview, Molly made comments on poverty and wealth inequality, which were the source of controversy, being accused of being "tone deaf" and dubbed “Thatcherite” comments. Molly suggested that those less fortunate than herself only had themselves to blame for their lack of financial stability, stating that “we all have the same 24 hours in a day”. These remarks sparked outrage nation-wide and lead to calls for her resignation as PrettyLittleThing’s Creative Director. Quoted from the podcast:

    “You're given one life and it's down to you what you do with it. You can literally go in any direction. When I've spoken about that in the past I have been slammed a little bit, with people saying "it's easy for you to say that because you've not grown up in poverty, so for you to sit there and say we all have the same 24 hours in a day is not correct." But, technically, what I'm saying is correct. We do. I understand we all have different backgrounds and we're all raised in different ways and we do have different financial situations, but I think if you want something enough you can achieve it. It just depends on what lengths you want to go to get where you want to be in the future. And I'll go to any length.”



    Previous to this, Molly had already discussed her opinions on her PrettyLittleThing Creative Director interview last year:

    But remember guys, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.


    On 10th January 2021, Molly posted the following “apology” on her Instagram story:


    And was seen spending her 24 hours in a day going to the hairdressers, instead of working.


    Pregnancy announcement

    Bambi Fury

    How did Tattle find out the baby’s name before it was announced? See here.

    On 10th April 2023 Molly uploaded a vlog to her Youtube channel in which she discussed her 10-week old baby’s night time feeding routine. In the vlog she said:

    "7PM is when bedtime starts and then she has a bottle at 11PM and after 11PM that's when we try to get our night's sleep, which at the minute is going a lot better. We are definitely getting more sleep now - I say more sleep - at the minute I am probably getting about four or five hours. She’s going from 11PM to 7AM with no milk but she is waking up all through the night and I settle her. She is waking up like 'hello, I want some milk' and I'm like 'you're not having milk now.' Around this time is when they drop feeding in the night. It's different for every baby but with her, we are trying to encourage that."

    Since then, concerned viewers and breastfeeding experts have reached out to Molly to explain that not feeding a hungry 10-week old baby in the night is wrong and that Bambi’s too young to be going without milk. Molly has ignored all advice, continuing to post as normal and hit back at concerned viewers with passive-aggressive responses to the comments she’s received.

    Timeline of Molly’s holidays with and without Bambi

    23/01 Bambi was born
    24/04 Dubai with Bambi
    15/05 Spain without Bambi
    18/04 France without Bambi
    04/06 Barbados with Bambi
    25/06 Athens with Bambi
    09/07 Paris without Bambi (Tommy surprises Molly with Bambi)
    12/07 London without Bambi
    23/07 Ibiza for their engagement with Bambi
    01/09 New York without Bambi
    28/09 Paris without Bambi
    09/11 Milan without Bambi


    Love that for me
    - said whenever there is the slightest inconvenience.
    Categorically - when she really wants to emphasise her point.
    Literally - as above.
    Errr, Tommy - famously said on Love Island to Mr TNT himself.
    😚✌🏻- a twitch she developed and since has become a running joke/pisstake.
    Let’s not talk about it - whenever she’s embarrassed by her awful behaviour.
    UnREALLL - whenever she’s talking about anything, usually followed by a *chefs kiss*.
    A dream, a literal dream - everything she’s achieved has been a dream of hers before she was in the womb but in reality it’s another way for her to brag.
    ☁ - the emoji that Molly uses in every Instagram story since she announced she was pregnant - it’s all about the aesthetic. She recently outed herself for reading her Tattle thread again after we kept calling her out for overusing the emoji. See here.
    Unbelievable - used to describe everything and anything, nothing is ever not perfect for Molly and her perfect life.
    Asstetik - it’s all about the boring and beige aesthetic for the Gram.
    Chiyuld - child.


    Tommy/Timmy Fumbles
    (thank you Jake Paul) - her professional meathead boyfriend that she mothers, who has no brain cells but goes for a 3 mile run everyday and gets back into bed at 12PM. A TikTok video of Tommy went viral of him beating his topless chest like King Kong to a crowd of students in a bar, the same night he failed to pay a £400 bar tab after a boozy night out in Liverpool - someone even messaged Molly to sort out the tab after Tommy ignored staff and was rude. Watch the TikTok video here.



    He pulled out of his fight with Jake Paul because of a bacterial chest infection and broken rib. The pair have been at odds with each other ever since Jake Paul faked a DM that he claimed Molly had sent him before Love Island.

    More recently, Tommy was spotted drunk, shirtless and fighting with his brother Roman at 4AM whilst Molly was at home with Ellie Belly watching Shrek. View the article here.

    On 25th November 2023 Tommy travelled to Dubai to go partying with woman beater Chris Brown. Videos of him drunk and off his face on drugs emerged and he could be seen flirting with multiple women, one of whom flirtatiously grabs his face and pushes him away. View the article here.

    Maura - keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Has more of a spark with Tommy than Molly herself.
    Ella - her ex best friend. They fell out with each other at Ella’s baby shower but have since started following each other again.
    Elle/Stephanie - her fake best friends that she uses when nobody else can cope with her screaching.
    Fran - her manager, who brings in the money and wipes her arse for her whilst she’s at it. Fran frequents Molly’s Tattle often to report back to Molly. In one of her Youtube videos Molly read out a word for word quote about herself that had been posted here. She mentions the comment at 19:52.
    Erin and Ellen - members of her management team who are paid and employed to kiss her arse.
    Jack - her hair stylist.
    Holly - her make-up artist.
    Zoe - her sister, who left her job in the army to become a carbon copy of Molly.
    Her dad - loves to DM random girls and favours Molly by constantly posting about her and not Zoe.
    Ellie Belly - the dirty old rag that she takes everywhere with her and hasn’t washed since birth - thinks it’s cute and a personality trait. Molly made a TikTok video about him after we mentioned the state of him on her thread. It’s questionable whether Covid-19 has come from said teddy.




    Eggy and Bread - her two Scottish fold kittens that she never looks after because she’s too busy going on holiday every 5 minutes.
    Bambi - Molly and Tommy's daughter, who’s predominantly cared for by a nanny and has been jetted off on holidays abroad more in her first 6 months of life than the vast majority of us have been abroad in the past 5 years.


    Mol/our Mol
    - self explanatory.
    Money-Mae - originates from Love Island when the public said she was only dating Tommy for money (loves to remind us all they are still together and are SO in love) and because she’s a massive show off.
    Molly Ja’Mae - because she’s a cultured Queen.
    Moron-Mae - for spending bare £££ on out of date salads.
    Mother of The Fiat 500’s and OhPolly huns/The Fiat 500 Führer - the leader of the pack and the most basic bitch of them all. You must drive a Fiat 500, enter every OhPolly competition on Twitter going and comment “goals 🥺” on all of Molly’s posts to be eligible to join. You also have to defend Molly at any given opportunity and comebacks must include lines such as “you’re just jealous”, “she’s so down to Earth”, “she can’t catch a break” and “#BeKind”.
    Moaning Myrtle-Mae - she really will moan about anything and everything and take herself to bed in a tantrum.
    1 Minor-Mae - she’s the only girl in the world to pass her driving exam in an automatic and buy a Range Rover as her first car.


    Nappy-Mae - girl The Rugrats called, they want their stolen nappy back.


    Mol-Lie-Mae - after she claimed to do a Filter By Molly-Mae photoshoot a couple of days after her endometriosis surgery. In this vlog, she states that the surgery was “way harder to go through” than she thought, her recovery time was longer than she had planned and that she was “a bit of a mess” afterwards.


    During Molly’s appearance on The Diary Of A CEO podcast, she said:

    “There was one time we went to Barbados to shoot a campaign for my fake tan business and we were followed by paparazzi the whole trip. That afternoon they published the most horrendous pictures in my eyes and I rang the Daily Mail myself, I went through to customer service and I was hysterically crying asking them to take the pictures down. I was screaming 'please, you've ruined my life', look at the comments under the pictures.” However, at the time, Molly said that the paparazzi had edited the pictures and became overly defensive.


    In May 2023 Molly released a “French Riviera” inspired edit with PrettyLittleThing in which she and PrettyLittleThing claimed she was a size 8, see evidence here. Only weeks later she backtracked and admitted to being a size “10-12” in a vlog, see here at around 9:40.

    Molly-Maegaret Thatcher - leader of the We All Have The Same 24 Hours In A Day Party. We could all be as rich as Molly if we worked hard enough. Nevermind those people who are working 12 hours a day in a FleaLT factory for £3.50 an hour - they aren’t utilising their 24 hours in a day enough.