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    Emmylou Mary MacCarthy


    2nd May 1979 in Dampier, WA


    Port Melbourne

    Media Gallery https://tattle.life/media/categories/emmylou-loves.36/

    Relationship Status

    May 2023:
    Flew to Las Vegas to visit a man she met in Melbourne. Stayed at his condo. Emmylou kept calling him Babe (not the same Babe who she took to Bulleroo). The back of Babe was seen in the background a number of times and everytime he was wearing a blue baseball cap. 🧢 An older man Fezzas suspect to be Babe's Father picked her up from the airport and was spotted in the background. Note this Babe only eats chicken and fish. Threads #86,#87,#88.

    January/February 2023: spending a lot of time with a basketball player.

    December 2022: No sign or mention of Babe. Tattlers believe that they are no longer together. Babeleftus.

    In what appears to be a semi-serious relationship with a man referred to as Babe launched in August 2022.

    Aaron Love - Split Septemberish 2021


    Sage, Vida, Camellia

    In Her Own Words

    In a world filled with fakes, Emmylou Maccarthy is the real deal. She swears. She cries. She shares inside tips about how to achieve a flawless red lip.

    When a follower asked "what's your Message, and your goal?" Emmylou responded with (appalling grammar all her own) Message: "As long as your kind and respectful You can be who ever you want to be." Goal: "To be whoever I want to be."


    (From her website)

    Emmylou MacCarthy is an executive producer, presenter, fashion designer, social media powerhouse and mother. Her ever-increasing popularity both online and on screen, is largely due to her genuine, unaffected persona which flows through everything she does. The Emmylou ethos to live life with confidence, because confidence is contagious continuously resonates with audiences across the country and beyond.

    Emmylou was born and raised in Perth, Australia. As the daughter of a Vietnamese immigrant mother and African father, Emmylou, along with her four siblings, enjoyed a multicultural childhood. Emmylou’s mum, Phuong, found connection and community in her new home through the power of food and entertaining, and Emmylou’s childhood was spent cooking alongside her, learning both modern and traditional techniques. These formative years also saw Emmylou develop her love of community and passion for entertaining.

    In the years since Emmylou has gone on to raise a family of her own whilst flourishing in her self-made career. Now based in Melbourne, Emmylou co-raises her three children, Sage, Camellia and Vida alongside partner Aaron. She balances motherhood with multiple media engagements, regularly travelling both interstate and internationally for work as a presenter, MC, event host and brand ambassador.

    A self-described “born entertainer”, it comes as no surprise that Emmylou created and developed her own TV show, Emmylou Loves for major broadcaster Channel 10. Series three of Emmylou Loves aired on 10’s Peach network in late 2019.

    Emmylou’s online presence, primarily on Instagram @emmylou_loves, was the catalyst for her burgeoning entertainment career. In just three short years, Emmylou has created and nurtured a passionate online community who steadily champion her every venture.

    Whether it’s selling out a jumpsuit in less than 24 hours, or hosting a followers event for her 40th birthday party, Emmylou’s true “influence” is undeniable.

    In an age where the term influencer is bandied about liberally, it can be difficult to determine what parameters define actual influence. In the case of Emmylou, it can be measured via sales figures and revenue, and importantly, by enviable follower numbers and extraordinary engagement.

    Ever thankful to her audience for their role in growing her brand and various businesses, Emmylou says “I cannot express how grateful I am … I wouldn’t be able to spend my life living out my passions if it wasn’t for my community”.

    In November 2020, executive producer, presenter and MC Emmylou adds author to her growing list of accolades with the release of her debut cookbook, Confidence in the Kitchen, which hit number 1 in lifestyle and non-fiction.


    She has worked as the writer as well as the executive producer of the TV series titled “Dot Com Social”. This show lasted from 2017 – 2018 with a total of 11 episodes.

    According to Emmylou, she has also worked as:

    - Fashion stylist

    - Gym instructor

    - Make-up artist

    - Beauty therapist and waxer

    - Producer

    - Actor (Claiming she was on Neighbours)

    - Emmylou_loves clothing

    - Co - Director of Zoe Moss

    Emmylou claims she is not an influencer, however, most of her content is sponsored, gifted or invited.


    ?- 2021: Aaron Love (aka ALAaron Left Us)

    August 2022:
    Hinted at a dirty weekend away at the Oakwood. Tattle nicknamed him - African Sausage. Unconfirmed man spotted at Chemist Warehouse corporate box the following day, engaged in conversation with Emmylou.

    September 2022: Another dirty weekend away which featured a man in a Canada Goose jacket who joined her on a hot air balloon ride, in a double headed shower, and at the lookout, without ever appearing on camera in an identifiable way. He was referred to as "Baby" and "Babe" throughout the weekend. Tattle sleuths speculate he is an accountant who lives in Frankston.

    December 2022: No more mention of Babe.



    Christian Hull: They traveled to NYC together and seemed to be fairly close. Have not been publicly friendly since 2020, Christian has not tagged or acknowledged her publicly since 2020.

    In 2021 during a Q&A saved to her reels Emmylou was asked about friends and said "my other best mate Christian lives in Brisbane"

    Emmylou did say he visited Melbourne in early 2022 and they had dinner with her kids, however, no proof was seen on the gram.

    May 2023: Emmylou flew to Brisbane to visit Christian for 24 hours.

    Charlotte: Also known as ‘My Best Friend Charlotte’. Never been seen on the gram. Emmylou says she is her best friend and has filmed videos/Reels at a house she has said is Charlotte's house. It is suspected that "Charlotte's house" is an AirBNB Emmylou uses to film because her house is a rubbish tip.

    UPDATE September 2022: EmmyLou visited the hot springs and posted a photograph with a friend who many Tattlers speculated was in fact the Charlotte. A Tattler insider has confirmed this and another followed up with more intel that ‘My Best Friend Charlotte’ has vehemently denied Emmylou’s claims that they have dinner together 2-3 nights a week.

    2023 we have seen Charlotte and her stunning house a few times. Charlotte tends to stay private and off camera.

    Leah N: ex employee.

    Brad: Works at Canteen but has been very MIA since #hummingbirdcakegate2022. He went from being her go to coffee guy to completely ghosted. Brad made a reappearance in September 2022 when Tattle alerted Emmylou to his absence forcing her to go back and maintain the charade that she is his friend.

    In October 2023 EmmyLou had a weekend away with Brad, possibly to take her mind off the impending financial doom she was facing.


    Australian College of Natural Health Science

    Diploma of Applied Science, Beauty Therapist, Make-up Artist, Air Brush Makeup Artist (on her LinkedIn)

    2008: "Paramedics" is listed on her LinkedIn

    Business Ventures

    Emmylou Loves TV Show on 10 Peach (Elephant Dinner Pty Ltd)

    2018-2020: Emmylou Branded Clothing, knives, wooden chopping boards and recipe book holders.

    2020: Face Shields during covid

    June 2021: Zoe Moss


    Leah N: P
    ersonal Assistant/Intern/Full time phone videographer. Leah is also associated with Global Weddings. Leah left us in September 2022.

    Sue-Lyn: (Sister) Appears to be a casual employee

    Jess: Model for Zoe Moss. As of March 2023. Jess no longer features as a Zoe Moss model.

    Lia: Was "the other Leah" - post September 2022 is now just Lia.

    Published Books

    Confidence in the Kitchen: How to Feed Your Family, Wow Your Guests and Master the Perfect Red Lip!

    Branded Collaborations

    Olssons Salt: Emmylou Loves Sea Salt Flakes 110g Jar

    Branded Partnerships

    Garnier: Current

    Chemist Warehouse: Current

    Esmi Cosmetics: Current

    Oakwood Apartments: August 2022

    Sky Bar: August 2022

    Bali Retreat: May 2022

    Big W: Last posted May 2022

    Colgate: Last posted May 2022

    MURINE Red Eyes: Last posted May 2022

    Camilla With Love: Last Posted April 2022

    Phillip Island: Last posted March 2022

    The Grampians Grape Escape: February 2022

    Smirnoff & Baileys: Last posted February 2022

    Bondi Protein Co: February 2022

    Bailey Nelson Eyewear: February 2022

    Tattle Dicketionary

    Mexican Barry:
    When telling someone she had Mexican Curry the night before, her CC's typed "Mexican Barry" instead. Mexican Barry is now used one of her imaginary male callers.

    African Sausage: Emmylou went to the market to buy some African Sausage and raved on how bewdiful it was. She then cooked it and served it to her family including Uncle Cal. Emmylou proceeded to cut the African Sausage with scissors in front of a very nervous Uncle Cal. Much like Mexican Barry, African Sausage is also used to describe one of her imaginary male callers.

    Bewdiful: The way Emmylou pronounces beautiful. Used to describe anything from a stew, a clothing item, or even a sunset.

    Marcella Water: The way Emmylou pronounces Micellar Water. She's also fond of using these wipes to clean the Lou Lou jar on long haul trips.

    Uncle Cow: When talking about Uncle Cal (Sue-Lyn's ex) her CC's typed "Uncle Cow".

    Loumagination: Her own world where she fabricates events, people and invents all the lies she tells.

    Ginger Knob: Another term used to Emmylou’s imaginary male suitors, after Emmylou stated she’d lost a ginger knob.

    Fezza Bitch: Emmylou once mentioned receiving a DM calling her a “fezza ****” and insinuated it was from someone on Tattle. We assume “fezza” is colloquial for “feral”. Now EL Tattlers are affectionately referred to as “fezzas”.

    Left Us/Leftus: Emmylou would frequently use phrases like “when Aaron left us” when referring to when Aaron left her.

    The Children: How Emmylou refers to her kids.

    The Hovel: Emmylou’s shit tip of a house. Remember to take the bins out!

    LouLou Jar: how Emmylou refers to her lady parts. As in, “would you like to take a dip in the Lou Lou jar?"

    Dickehead: from a typo on an Emmylou mug that Aaron was selling on Etsy #riplimpysmugshop

    Mouth story: when Emmylou tells her children a story without reading it from a book.

    Wednesday Night Roots: the Children are with Aaron on Wednesday nights, so Emmylou dresses herself up and cooks up a big meat feast and Babe stays over. Tattle has dubbed it “Wednesday night roots”.

    Muriel: what an artist paints on a wall, a phrase which joined the classic EmmyLou fails listed above when she pledged her allegiance to Wakanda forever.

    Maddog Busy: the phrase Emmylou uses to describe when she’s been working hard. Now used sarcastically by Tattlers.

    Starting work for the year: back in March 22, Emmylou arrived at the Zoe Moss warehouse and declared that she was ready to start work for the year. As of November, we are yet to see this happen.

    Chumpa Chump: referring to a bag of Chupa Chup lollipops. She even treated us by saying it twice in a row, while literally looking at the bag where it’s spelled out correctly.

    Reframe: when you reframe yourself from drinking a Coke Zero.

    Ketchup Menace: from the auto captions when Emmylou was cooking with ketchup manis sauce.

    Coddle: Emmylou was talking about about adding lemon juice to milk to make butter milk. Curdle is the correct term!

    Judy Free: Another close caption fail. Emmylou was at Melbourne International and was at Duty Free, but caption translated it as Judy Free. (Thread #92)

    Overthinking Brian: Mexican Barry's BFF arrived when EmmyLou told us her reason for not sleeping was her overthinking Brian (we speculate she meant brain...but who even knows anymore?) (Thread #103)

    Tattle Nicknames

    For her lack of work while she tells everyone she has a "mad dog busy day" ahead of her.

    MoulinLou: For her dance class before her night out at Tribe with her 19 year old niece.

    BorderSecurityLou: For when she postponed the Bali retreats for the safety of Australia's cows, while the Bali cows were being vaccinated against foot and mouth disease.

    EmmyPooh: For her resemblance to a certain chubby cartoon bear who also wears a lot of crop tops.

    GriftyLou: Been used on and off for a long time, but really cemented when she was #invited to a showcase of Spring/Summer 2022/2023 collections from Clarks, Superdry, Mossimo etc. She treated it like a free shopping spree rather than showing her "tribe" the collections.

    LonelyLou: After spending multiple weekends going out alone and only being seen with people on her payroll.

    WinneBlueLou: After sharing a story dressed in all baby blue including the skirt, top, Country Road coat, Balencia bag and a sneaky Bic lighter in her hand.

    EmmyGlue: After declaring herself the glue that holds her family together, during last years trip to Western Australia.

    Fatty Medallion: A nickname LooneyLou earnt herself in September 2022 when spending nearly $50 on two steaks for a dinner for one, asking the butcher to select ones with the fatty medallion in the middle, as she loves those - prompting Tattler's to remind her she IS the Fatty Medallion.

    Yo Yo Mama: Emmylou likes to refer to herself in the third person as “mama” and frequently uses the phrase “yo yo” as a greeting.

    Louberace: A nickname EmmyLou earned when telling us she randomly decided to learn to play The Rainbow Connection one weekend when she was left alone with her own thoughts and became horrified.

    Treasure Cat: Launching herself out the front door one bewdiful morning Emmylou said she was grinning like a “Treasure Cat” after what we can assume was a night in with ‘Babe’ aka ‘African Sausage’. We believe she meant Cheshire Cat.

    EmmyPoo: After a long, meat filled lunch, Emmylou took a dump in Bourke St Myer and had to call Suelynn to bring her “a lot” of toilet paper.

    Oneword: Emmylou constantly refers to herself as “Emmylou one word”.

    NarratorLou: Emmylou is really good at telling mouth stories.

    In honour of her head to toe (no doubt knock off) Balenciaga dress, first seen at the screening of a new Marvel film. Sadly, her dimensions made the word Balenciaga appear to be a barcode...

    BovineLou: in honour of the large quantity of cow that she eats every day.

    GordonRamsayLou: the MasterChef herself, teaching all her adoring followers how to make Podaydo salad, Oxtail spew, layered jelly & who can forget the Baileys cocktails.

    BeyoncéLou: twerking, minge fondling and lingering over the shoulder looks to see if her dance partner hasn’t died of embarrassment. Usually comes out at the Basketball, whenever Afro beats are playing, The Birdcage, in the kitchen/at home in front of her mortified Children (TM).

    ScammyLou: her most common persona, always scamming, eyes looking left & right. Think overpriced Shein sold as Zoe Moss, plagiarised cookbook, lightstim & who can forget the face mask.

    EmmaMcKeonLou: swimming “laps” at MSAC, now thinks she is an Olympic gold medallist (also see DawnFraserLou, LawrieLawrenceLou.

    HoochyLou: entering her villain stage, HoochyLou thinks that a pink latex dress is suitable as outerwear.

    Amylou: Emmylou was showing her new dance moves to the Melbourne United dancers when the MC called her Amylou.

    DeLouLou: for the many many ways she seems utterly delusional

    Milestone Record

    July 2022

    Bali Retreat postponed due to the cows needing vaccinations for foot and mouth disease.

    August 2022

    Announced she had lost 20kg since January by walking and journaling.

    Got curtain bangs in hair.

    September 2022

    Terrified an innocent baby goat, took beef cheeks on a road trip, posted swimsuit photos of The Children on her page, failed to follow her own competition rules, went up in a hot air balloon with Babe & made potato salad for what felt like every meal.

    October 2022 -

    Emmylou was discussed on the Outspoken Podcast. You can listen here

    November 2022

    Emmylou is surprised her with a pair of Peter Alexander pjs, left under her pillow.

    December 2022

    Tattlers believe that Babeleftus

    January 2023

    Emmylou starts hanging out with a new group of basketball players/managers. Also attends nearly every event The Beat hosts.

    March 2023

    Emmylou took Afro dance lessons on the Port Melbourne pier.

    April 2023

    Flew to Brisbane for 24 hours to visit Christian Hull. Later that night flew back to Melbourne to attend the ZimGala hosted by the Zimbabwe Community of Victoria (Thread #82)

    May 2023

    Flew to USA. Stayed in West Hollywood. Then flew to Las Vegasq to meet a guy she met in Melbourne. Emmylou stayed at his apartment for 2 weeks. Emmylou kept calling him Babe (not the same Babe who she took to Bulleroo) (Threads #86, #87, #88)

    June 2023

    Every Thursday Emmylou will be appear on Studio10 for The Chat segment. Via Melbourne or in person at the studio (stewdio to Fezzas) in Sydney.

    July 2023

    Flew to Auckland for 24 hours to attend the Cirque du Soleil opening night of Crystal. Thread #92.

    October 2023

    Is embroiled in what Tattler's hope will be the opening chapter of her demise, being asked to attend ASIC as Elephant Dinner is placed into liquidation.

    November 2023

    Got a tan bordering on cultural appropriation in preparation for Oaks Day, where she dressed as the tampon Charles wanted to extract from Camilla in the infamous recording leaked by the Daily Mail. Speaking of the Daily Mail, our girl made the "worst dressed" list, with fashion commentator Belinda Cleary saying her outfit "felt more Christmas then spring racing."

    Never one to take critique lying down, Phoenix Lou rose from the ashes of a bad review to turn up to a charity luncheon the next day in a $750 dress made from the table cloth of her Zimbabwean relatives...did you know she's from Zimbabwe? We did.

    ASIC Information (credit to Broken Veeners)

    First letter October 2023

    Second Letter November 2023

    Why Is Emmylou So Problematic?

    SUMMARY taken from a post by the articulate @ActiveLies on 5 April 2023 (Thread #80, post #273)

    I also don't hate her. I hate her in the way that maybe I'd hate a tv character - it's enjoyable to watch someone so despicable and duplicitous but it has no impact on my day or life in any way, whatsoever.

    I will however compile an off the top of my head list of reasons I think she's genuinely a cunt of a thing -
    • her decade long quest to be famous. Not for any skill, talent or out of the ordinary quality that she possesses, simply because she wants notoriety and to be a celebrity., She's almost 44 years old. That's very strange behaviour. That this pursuit of fame has come at enormous personal expense both in monetary figures and time has left her in unstable housing, with very little security for her family; it's a decade of pure selfishness that seems to have no ending in sight.

    • her complete unwillingness to ever improve herself in the areas in which she wishes to be famous for. So she auditioned for MasterChef and didn't get on, did she do any kind of formal cooking training after that? To brush up on skills, to improve knowledge and then have a crack at auditioning again? Of course not. So she wanted to be a presenter, but that never happened. Most starting out presenters and journalists write and research their own stories. She is borderline illiterate. So did she seek to improve those skills to make herself more appealing as a presenter? Has she worked on her pronunciation, her vocabulary, or any single professional skill that might help her achieve her goals? Nup. Course not.

    • She plagiarised a recipe in a book deal with an actual reputable publisher and then fabricated a woe is me story of a stalker when the shit hit the fan

    • She financially profited from a global pandemic selling non-fit-for-purpose face shields at an enormous markup

    • She financially and emotionally abused her defacto partner for years and years, lauding over him that she was the bread winner and making huge financial decisions without his input or knowledge. This entire scenario was so manipulative and grim and if the genders were opposite it would've been called out for the callous, abusive environment that 99% of their relationship played out in.

    • She's a shithouse, neglectful mother who abandons her children at every given opportunity. I'm all about adults remaining being adults and having a great time in capacities away from their roles as parents, but the general misery in which she's perpetually in when required to parent vs the unbridled joy she has when they're not in her care is absurd.

    • Using past mental health concerns and apparent attempts on her life as a mere story line in her bullshit 'journey' to confidence is at best absent minded, and at worst genuinely perverse. Suicide is not a footnote to a waffling story of triumph they way she tries to play it off.

    • The current cultural appropriation which is just super yuck and has been discussed at great length recently and is everything everyone has said about it. Fucked, opportunisitc, sad, weird.

    • Her foul mouthed bullshit persona when she's with her sister that's seen the entire internet be made aware of her plate sized nippes, clitoris for days, skid marks, thrush, foul smelling vagina, etc etc etc. This is all done with no regard whatsoever for her children and what having that information out in the world may have on them and their experiences as teenagers.

    • Giving no attention to her children (evidenced by buying the wrong sheets for the girls, not knowing that Camellia wouldn't want to watch a RomCom etc etc etc), and her general low intelligence means she's missing pretty obvious signs of neurodivergence in her youngest which really should be being assessed and if a diagnosis comes, having plans in place at school and home to help little Vida navigate a world that is perhaps not designed for her to thrive in.

    • Absolutely most of all for me though, is her bullshit 'confidence' shtick that both means nothing and is entirely disingenuous. What is 'confidence' on it's own? She's certainly not confident in the way her body looks - she's had weight loss surgery, a tummy tuck, liposuction, uses filters, gets spray tans, fake nails, and has her hair dyed amongst many other appearance altering procedures she regularly undertakes. She's not confidence in the health of her body - she's forever talking about visceral fat and the need to lose weight for her wellbeing. She's not confident in her intelligence or knowledge of the world around her - often giving disclaimers for why she can't pronounce things, doesn't know about important issues; she gave up on reading Dark Emu because it was too challenging. She doesn't appear to attend school functions where she'd be expected to mingle with other mothers - she's not confident in her social skills amongst women who should be peers. It appears the only thing she's confident about is that she doesn't particularly give a fuck what people think of her as she's managed to reshape all criticism as 'trolling'. So she walks around baring her Frankenstein gut, dressing in things 2 sizes ot small, and sad, lonely, middle aged women with their phones glued to their hands who are desperate to feel like they fit in somewhere, see her lack of embarrassment about looking pretty ordinary as 'inspiring'. They're not inspired to behave in a similar way, but they look at her and think "well if she can buy a coffee looking like a trollop, I suppose it's not such a big deal to put some bathers on and enjoy time at the beach with my kids." They then feel good about themselves and attribute that feeling to AmyLou having 'inspired' them with her 'confidence'. It's bullshit, it lacks introversion and critical thinking, and cunning little snakey Amy is smart enough to capitalise on the insecurities of women and laugh her way to the bank over it.