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That’s what I thought too, but there’s also the fact that the Edinburgh College do a Graphic Design and Visual Communication course as an HNC...
That's odd, isn't it, as the ECA course is only Graphic Design and has been that for many years?

Also requires all As and Bs at Highers, very competitive course, I've sent many students to it over the years.

The HND at Edinburgh College is Graphic Design/Visual Comms

Also not sure how this squares with her various claims to have degrees in Law and Astrophysics.


I’ve just sat and read this whole thread tonight and I am astounded. I’ve been following her for a couple of years and something has always felt off. The levels and depths of her deceit are just something else. She must have some serious self esteem issues because she changes her personality constantly.
I do think there is something seriously, psychologically wrong.


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What's your favourite Vonny period?

~ Academia Vonny
~ Sex worker Vonny
~ Nordic Model Now! Vonny
~ TERF Vonny
~ Non-binary Vonny
~ Goth Vonny
~ Jewish Vonny
~ Autistic Vonny
~ BBC Vonny
~ COVID Vonny
~ <please feel free to add your own> Vonny

Mine has to be Academia Vonny, when she kept on pretending to have multiple degrees and scorned people for not being part of 'the Academy'.

What's Nordic Model Vonny?!


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This thread has had me glued to my phone for the last hour!!

I met her + family on a replacement bus years ago when a train broke down. You know that way some people just stick in your mind when you’ve seen them out and about 🤣 Anyway, ended up spotting her on twitter a few years later and it clicked that it was the same woman. Thought she was cool for a while, and I liked her vintage style etc but then you realise some people just aren’t as cool as you first thought 🤣
Absolutely horrendous what she went through with the stalker and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!!


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Perhaps if you didn't base your whole identity around being a VOCAL VEGAN for a while there, people wouldn't give a shit.

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And you described yourself as vegan last week, is the point, Vonny. #dontfuckwithvegans

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What an infuriating cunt. Vegan is not a diet Vonny. It's a belief system and a lifestyle. You either are are you aren't. PLANT BASED is the diet.
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