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  1. Elle__Dee

    Vonny Leclerc #3 Did ye aye?

    The list of Vonny continues. Congratulations @Jade Mitzi for the most liked topic title. We are currently experiencing a Vonny blackout, or perhaps the long Covid has finally caught up with her. Please let us know if you have experienced any other Vonnys, which we have not listed below...
  2. Elle__Dee

    Vonny Leclerc #2 It’s a Von Trap!

    Compiling a list of the many Vonnys. Thread title by @hippitybrode Expertly done by @Thatmoonringisdanielles. Mod edit: Please make sure to report on the previous thread when a new one is made and linked, so that the old one can be closed. Previous thread...
  3. Veronicaaa

    Vonny Leclerc

    What's your favourite Vonny period? ~ Academia Vonny ~ Sex worker Vonny ~ Nordic Model Now! Vonny ~ TERF Vonny ~ Non-binary Vonny ~ Goth Vonny ~ Jewish Vonny ~ Autistic Vonny ~ BBC Vonny ~ COVID Vonny ~ <please feel free to add your own> Vonny Mine has to be Academia Vonny, when she kept on...