Vicky Pattinson #2 VIP edge = vile, ignorant, pigheaded

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I can’t see him settling down with her long term.
I think he knows that Vicky is probably as good as it's going to get for him.She 's semi- famous,has enough money to buy them a house,take him on some nice holidays and kept him fed with all that #gifted food.Does he love her?.Almost certainly not, but she's his meal ticket.I predict an engagement within the next 6 months and 50,000 nauseating Insta posts rhapsodizing about how happy she is.:sick:


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She has serious annoyed me today, trying to sell hair products that she reckons have made her hair grow so much and so thick while wearing a wig 🤷

She is very needy she always has to have a man around her, I reckon poor boyfriend never gets much time alone to himself, I personally don't think it's healthy Being glued to the hip of a partner 24/7 u do need a bit of space aswel in a relationship


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She is truly pathetic.Pretty much every woman on the fuckin planet has periods,some of us very heavy,painful ones.I have never seen anyone whine about them the way this woman does.

Wow must be her THIRD period this month (look through her last few posts!!!) Seriously Vicky need to see a Dr!!!! ( Of course she wouldn't possit lie about such a thing just to flog some sponsored period pants :rolleyes:) the "reasons I cried" has already been done as well. Boring. And half of them are just reworded memes


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I had an implant and lasted a year before getting it taken out. It was a nightmare. I'd get a period for 3 weeks, a week break, then another 3 week period. Drove me mad so went back to the pill where I had more control.


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Another day another period post. I’m all for making periods a topic of conversation but posting about how emotionally unstable and how it’s okay to sit around and binge chocolate during the time of the month basically continues the narrative that women are crazy and can’t handle shit. It just shows how out of touch with how it happens in the real world. Most of us take a few paracetamols, go to work and carry on. She’s 100% just jumping on this line her own pockets. What about period poverty? Education? Nope- just buy the pants she’s flogging and not washing and be a period queen too.

Red hair dont care

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She's harking on again about be there's been a lack of it on her page recently. I think you'll find that's HONESTY Vicky pet 🙄🙄🙄
Had to go and look. Oh lordy. Be kind. Right cos you were well famous for it in the shoe that made you famous. Maybe a lot of what is being said is the truth. Mainly women replying on here, sorry if there are men replying, we have had to put up with the same things but why go overboard with it? The essays? Just #ad your pics and that's it. So glad I don't follow her. Drive me insane 🤪
1) She's not a travel agent. Why would anyone listen to her on travel advice?

2) Why do you need to pay a fee up front and a monthly fee to sell an holiday? Just sell them yourself.
so glad this is being called out! Such a strange thing to get involved in for someone with a VIP edge.... absolute pyramid scheme! What are more people not saying anything about it? Google inteletravel and loads of posts about being a mlm scheme aka pyramid scheme. Know a few poor sods caught up in the scam during lockdown being forced to push holidays while people can go nowhere..... interested in others thoughts!
I’ve never posted here before but I am now coz something is really bugging me. Vicky posted about moving from her Brentwood place but I watched her show a bit ago n she was looking for a place in London and I swear she moved there?? So what happened to the London apartment?
I thought this too, she had a place in Brentwood, sold it and then bought the flat in London....or that’s what she said happened.....
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