Oh when did you all switch to a stroller? *posts pic of previously gifted pram and tags mamas and papas* *aka mamas and papas time to gift us your next stroller* fucking scav. Buy one yourself and perhaps let a worse off mother have one for free 😡 why do people support this scrounging 😡
She’s not even had this pram for long!!! She went on and on about her other pram she actually bought and how amazing it is. then bam gifted this one and a couple of months later it’s too small 😡


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She has already been #gifted a Babyzen yo-yo, isn’t that a stroller? , she used to rave and rave about her icklebubba cheap travel system she had and how it looked better than other more expensive brands , but appears to have dumped it the second mamas and papas gifted her the ocarro and now wants something new again for free.


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I definitely thought she tagged them in the hope of a new one 🙄
Can’t wait to see her share the results with tags of all the recommended ones in the hope someone will bite 🎣


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So confused why she’s on the beg for a new pram?! And why is she asking about when people switched, when she already has a lightweight stroller?! She was ever so kindly gifted a baby zen yoyo for goodness sake! Either she’s sold it and needs another one or not so little baby Willis is a bit too heavy for it 😬



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I don’t understand why mamas and papas gift people the Ocarro when they have toddlers, my son has outgrown his at 2 as he’s hit 15kg, it’s not a cheap pram it’s such a waste when it will be outgrown in a few months 😡


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I don’t get why she’s calling out people as trolls for stating her son has a piss poor diet, he’s always eating and is seriously overweight.
The “trolls” have a point!!

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