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let’s all take bets on when he’s going to realise that literally no one cares and most of his ‘followers’ are zombie accounts 😂
I would say have a drink each time he goes on the beg for interaction but I would need my stomach pumped after a week.
See how long this trailer bollocks lasts for too. Does he realise how expensive a pitch is at big events? Fucking twat
Is that a just eat delivery bag in the back of his car? Has he finally just got a job rather than trying to be the next McDonald’s
I’m sure he got that when he was delivering his own burgs (hate when he calls them that!)

Begging for likes again this morning, it’s so embarrassing. Just accept people aren’t liking your posts because they don’t like you 😂


And he wonders why his engagement is shit when he’s acting like this? He’s such a cocky little twat who thinks the world owes him a living! I really, really despise him!


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