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Anyone seen her new try on video?

She’s attached that camera to the ceiling to try and make herself look slimmer. You’re still obese and disgusting Alex 😂
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i'm glad she posted a haul because i really miss watching hauls...i know it's insensitive to some due to corona virus, but whatever lol

most of the clothes seemed to fit her, which is a step in the right direction....just hate how high up the angle is. like, pretty sure we can still tell that you're fat alex. also, she looks fucked from the side profile--cutting off her lower stomach is one of the worst decisions she's ever made (and that's including the choices she makes in regards to her love life, so that's saying a lot)
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Is there anyone here that’s subscribed to her extra content lol... did she drop the vlog a day early? What’s been her “extra” paid for content this week?
Here from GG as well, that site is terrible!
I just read a previous reply saying she had lower tummy surgery??????? Whaaaat??? When!?!? How tf have I missed that!? ... to be fair I hadn’t been on GG for at least 6 months, until here recently.
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Here from GG too - that site has always loaded so frickin slowly for me, but lately it's been even worse.

I saw her elopement on IG and had to see what everyone was saying about it. I'm not surprised - we all knew she couldn't wait to get her claws around him. I've got my popcorn ready and I'm interested to see how long it lasts. Marriage is not the same as living together.
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Here from GG too.

I am actually shocked they eloped. I wonder if he pushed it. He seems to be taking control of her financially and I am curious if rushing through the wedding is related. She has actually been pretty tame with wedding content this engagement which is not like her. She’s morphed into a different person since meeting him. She’s taken on all traits of him.
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Here from GG too... lol

Her instagram story where she’s trying to show him wearing his ring is SO awkward. She’s trying to unwrap his hand from his backpack strap and he’s like NOPE. And she tried to play it off like he was holding her hand 😂.

Its so clear he isn’t into her... even the other night he called her “a loving person that I met a year ago”. It sounded so forced coming out of his mouth and was worded so weird. Who calls the love of their life that they are marrying that day “a loving person” in that way?
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so will they now not hve their huge wedding in october? I’m so confused. also what about his family? was only her mom there?
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I'm also here from GG. This site sucls. Couldn't log in with my old name, can't register with a new one... Bleeh.

But hooolllyyyy crap! How unfortunate did she look on her wedding day, lol.
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