Jeremy Kyle Show


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The lady who passed from a heart attack on Saturday wasn’t the reason the show was pulled according to the Daily Mirror it was another guests death (I did put a link on here and then read peoples comments on not naming her so deleted)
Oh really? Be interesting to see what’s said


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Ugh, must admit that Jezza’s my one and only guilty pleasure 😟. Hardly watch any TV, but I’ve been known to binge-watch episodes on hang-over days.

Intrigued to know what’s happened though.


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Apparently its not Melissa Ede (although the news is reporting her death), but someone else who was due to be on today.

I feel horrible for the family of the person who died, but it all seems a bit bizarre? I'm sure there's probably been people who had died or relapsed after the show before, yet no legal action has been taken and the show has continued. It must be something quite serious for them to stop filming and investigate. I'm also guessing the person hasn't been identified due to legal reasons.

I do agree that the show did more bad than good. I did watch sometimes, and it seemed it did genuinely help some people who needed it (and maybe couldn't afford help otherwise, although its shit that a show like this was their last resort for counselling or addiction help).

Also...aren't both JK and Love Island ITV shows? Odd how they've pulled JK over this, yet have another season of Love Island coming up despite the 2 deaths.


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I can't stand Jeremy Kyle, he's a bully. Shouts his mouth off and then hides behind a bodyguard. He's not exactly perfect. If someone has committed suicide because of the show, then I hope it's never on air again. I can't understand how it's been on air for as long as it has in the first place!


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Well that's it been officially axed. Really don't agree with that, even though I'm not a viewer it's just a scapegoat so they don't have to axe Love Island which should equally be under the spotlight.
Yeah saw an interesting post today that 2 contestants have committed suicide from love Island yet its still going on! Maybe with JK it was the last straw in the pile of complaints


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For me it comes down to how these shows vet and care for the people on them. You can’t know or protect everything but my guess is that there is limited care for people on Jeremy Kyle and sadly this tragedy has occurred.


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I think there's more to it than the public know. I'm glad it's been axed, it's about time. The way he bullies people doesn't help mental health at all and a suicide was going to happen sooner or later in my opinion. I've never watched Love Island and I don't follow anything about it so I can't really comment on that.


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Very sad. Tbh I do wonder how accurate the lie detector tests actually are. I'm sure there are some people who are lying when they're all 'I didn't do it' or try to get questions changed, but you get those people who just seem generally anxious/nervous, and I'm sure that would play into affecting the results.


Apparently a man killed himself because he failed a lie detector and was adamant he wasn’t lying. Resulted in his relationship ending.

ITV are already in the spotlight after two contestants from love island have taken their lives after love island. The show was trash I’m glad it’s gone. Poverty porn.