Elle Florence #13 I Got 99 Problems but Cashmere Hoarding Ain't One!

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I personally know someone who comes across as superficial, ditzy, and an airhead like Elle. Despite this, she has always been a good student and ended up becoming a pharmacist. She isn't very good at using simple logic without help from others but can figure out "by the book" stuff like medicine. Since she isn't officially diagnosing in her job, she is able to get things done without issue. She's leaps and bounds better at rote memorization than most so I'm glad she found a career that works for her.

I'm sure Elle is the same. She can't use common sense and introspection to figure out why she has struggle maintaining relationships but is able to memorize what is needed to pass the bar. I used to assume that bad writers had no chance of passing prior to my career. Over the years, I've seen many that write so poorly that it almost physically pains me! Perhaps she has an on/off switch for writing like those that don't check their writing in an informal setting (text, etc.?) Wouldn't be an issue if she didn't attempt to make "Elle Florence" her own namesake brand.

How much longer will she describe herself as a 'young professional'? She's almost 33 and started working a decade ago.
That's what "bad root canals" and Botox are for!


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Someone in Elle's swearing-in video offered to connect her directly to HR for an associate attorney position at Fenwick & West!
Knowing Elle's fans, this person is probably an administrative assistant who thinks passing Elle's resume on to HR will result in an instant hire. I'm sure the HR rep will take one look at Elle's resume and say, "yeah, we don't have the money/time/energy to bring this chick up to date on how to actually practice law." Who wants a 32 year-old lawyer who graduated a decade ago and never practised law since?


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How is she still not even being consistent with her videos? The bar exam was in July and her relaunch was over a month ago. Wtf was she doing between the bar and her re launch? Normally people use that time to bulk film so they can have consistent uploads. How does she think anyone is going to buy her crap jewelry if she isn't posting and having an actual presence online?

If her passing the bar was a vanity project like I think it was she still needs to be pushing out videos and selling her scarves and necklaces to be making any income.

Like 100 percent bet she'll upload on Friday and if anyone says anything she'll be like "I upload every week" despite it being closer to two weeks between uploads


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Someone in Elle's swearing-in video offered to connect her directly to HR for an associate attorney position at Fenwick & West! I can't even hate on that - I wish I knew someone back in the day who could have put my resume on HR's desk. 😢
working in big law would not afford her the time to dabble in her jewelry and scarf “design” business. She definitely would not to delete her “business owner” and “designer“ labels from her bio.


I missed the bad root canal. Did she have a tooth pulled because a root canal could not be performed satisfactorily? A root canal either works or the tooth is pulled.


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"Toilet paper is a precious resource and should be displayed like gold bars" ..... girl what?
My grandmother who is no longer living used to have gold and silver bars that she hid in her basement. Which I mean I thought was weird enough, why not keep that in a safe deposit box at the bank? But who tf is going to display gold bars in their house? I don't know anyone who owns bars of metal like that now and if you have that kind of money to buy gold like that you sure as hell aren't doing the college student version of a bathroom makeover.

Such a sad bathroom. All those expensive skincare ingredients and she still has bad skin.


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