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  1. evoway13

    Youpenga #4 Buying crap, keeps on about the lawn, vlogs are so old, the baby's probably been born!

    Thank you to @pixiprincess for the fantastic thread name :love:
  2. evoway13

    Youpenga #3 It's all coffee shitzus and giggles, until the dogs want a walk!

    Thank you to @itsonlybantz for the thread name with most votes!!!! F**King 'Bubsy Poo!' ........??? How old is this insufferable woman???
  3. Delia Smith

    Youpenga #2 Devotionals in bed, Bubzzz would rather have head, but our Little Miss Prude doesn't do rude

    New thread title courtesy of yours truly with 6 votes. Candy is still 'on plan' with WW which she reminds us about every video. Fair play to her she has lost weight but the weekly food shop is still full of junk food. Bubzzz is still appearing in his dressing gown in most vlogs with his eyes...
  4. Pixi


    Thought I'd start a new thread for Candy!! I'm guessing theres a few people who would like to join in on this one!!!