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  1. stroppysal

    Turtle Creek Lane #5 Turtle creek lane, spooky mormon hell dream.

    Thought I'd make a new thread. Never done one before so hope it works. Thanks to @Insomiaflamingo for the thread title, I think your suggestion got the most votes. Anyone wanna do a recap?
  2. T

    Turtle Creek Lane #4 Thin white and Jesus loving

    I picked the top comment for the title as 2 pages in I couldn’t see one. as we were…
  3. bellinibobble

    Turtle Creek Lane #3 Jen ‘eats food how God intended it’ but we don’t recall Magic Spoon in the Bible 🤔

    Thread #3 - just in time for us to watch Stevie Kate being dragged round London for five weeks by Kimmy and Jnr in matching raincoats. Thread title inspired by @Lollipops23 https://tattle.life/threads/turtle-creek-lane-2-houghtons-name-is-tcl-theyre-so-frugal-they-bought-3.23773/post-6930731...
  4. DoodlePoodle

    Turtle Creek Lane #2 Houghton’s name is TCL. They’re so frugal they bought 3!

    New thread title thanks to @Rubyronron Start Tattling! 😆
  5. bellinibobble

    Turtle Creek Lane

    I searched for a thread on Turtle Creek Lane but couldn't find one, but there must be people on here who have come across this account on Instagram? I first discovered her a few months ago when she was aggressively advertising her stories and grid posts, and a few of them appeared in my feed...