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Burnley housewife and YouTuber supposed to be a qualified nutritionist. Questionable hygiene and not recommended while eating!
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  1. lexiloo

    Trim with Tan #7 never stays on plan, hair full of grease but off to market with her reefs

    Thanks to @Greenhoodie for a great title, had to amend slightly as not enough space to fit it all in. The round up of the previous thread is very easy when it comes to Tan...... still greasy still lazy still in the adidas trackie top still picking spots before using her harrrrr end charlotte...
  2. lexiloo

    Trim with Tan #6 Taking a break from the gram, breaking lock down with the fam

    Thanks to @monga for the new title, we seem to be filling the threads quickly at the moment, long may it last ;) quick re cap from the last one....... Wedding venue being shifted, she's waiting on a refund from the first one but hoping to book the new one she found Her kids seem to have been...
  3. lexiloo

    Trim with tan #5 the grim reeker of Burnley, nasty gases smelly blew poor belle away

    new thread you guys, thanks to @Rosieposey for the wind suggestion and inspo for me to come up with the new title ......tattle on ;) and please pray for some gifted shampoo for the greasy one
  4. lexiloo

    Trim with Tan #4 - Tan wash your bloody Fan

    Thanks to the hilarious @monga for a great title with the most likes, lets hope she washes a lot more than that ma loofs but for now crack on listening to your bod-ehs and living ya best larrfs
  5. lexiloo

    Trim with Tan #3 Farrrnnn darnnnning and trackies but I still prefer tinned tatties (ma loofs)

    Thanks to @DishtheDirt for a bloomin great title, I just changed ma loves to ma loof at the suggestion of @Drxo1990 as that phrase has been a harrr larrrt of the last thread, carrry on ma loofs ;)
  6. N

    Trim with tan #2 arse ring, reefs and Aw-brah my luvs!

    New thread ....we're wiping the slate clean my luvs!
  7. H

    Trim with Tan

    If you are reading this. Please! I beg of you: STOP promoting your F*****G “Skinny Coffee” ads!!! WE DO NOT WANT THEM! I am not buying it for the sake of you getting commission for it STOP advertising for other sh*t that is irrelevant to your channel. Teeth whitener? Seriously? Your...
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