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  1. T

    Toby & Roo #4 estranged from mum, husband is scum, all those Too Good To Go bags going straight to her b

    Excellent thread title @Effeffess congrats! link to previous thread:
  2. T

    Toby & Roo #3 Toby and Roo? More like Toby, Edith and Who

    Congrats @Unicornpoop there was one other title suggestion with a few more likes but it was too long! link to the previous thread
  3. Letsspillthetea

    Toby & Roo # 2 Hubbies playing away, better keep those frown lines at bay

    New thread Continue to spill your tea here especially some dirt on the husband šŸ˜³ A little recap from the previous thread. Husbands been playing away. Mum no longer lives with them and she's creating content on it. Adopted 2 more cats, slated the adoption place over vet checks. Got botox still...
  4. P

    Toby & Roo

    Is it just me or does her fella seem genuinely sick to the back teeth of it all I know itā€™s meant to be a running joke but he just looks so sad all the time I dunno
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