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  1. emerald

    Themepark Worldwide #3 Forever moaning, groaning and droning

    Title from @Kay's Good Cooking Moved to Bloggers because it seems to be where vloggers reside and it's not really a rave thread anymore. Summer plans include a trip to Spain and a cruise from Florida. Please feel free to add anything else. Keep on tattling.
  2. geordiegirl

    Themepark Worldwide #2 Dry sausages and theme park tattle, why's Shawn been chewing on so much gravel?

    Thanks to @jvalentine2189 for the shiny new thread! As you were TPWs! Prev thread here:
  3. Highlandcow

    Themepark worldwide

    Anyone watch this channel? He really knows his stuff loved watching his USA road trip.
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