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  1. JellyDonut

    TheLongMum #3 Life couldn't be harder, I ponder from Lake Garda...

    Well done @turkeylips for the winning thread title suggestion! Anyone care to recap?
  2. Bunbun1

    The Long Mum #2 Food or leccy, what will it be...or how about just some new nanettes for me

    Thanks to @Chattymamabear for the thread title suggestion. But I’ll be honest, I was tempted to go with “it’s all gone a bit dailymailish in here” which had more likes but wasn’t actually a thread suggestion… But here it is, the new thread that no one wanted to make, now who wants to write a recap?
  3. C


    So... I’ve searched and it seems anna aka the long mum doesn’t have her own thread. Now rewind a few months a go and I could see why, but since her splitting up with her other half and her being ‘skint’ she’s turned in to a bit of a... Her posts seem a little desperate now, a little out...
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