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  1. smellsofbiscuits

    The Weather #4 Meteorology moaning

    First time creating a follow on thread so hopefully I get this right. Most popular post was this by @HelloStereo. Congratulations on being our new thread title 😂 Weather moaning is a mix between those loving the rainy cool weather and those that are not. Wonder what the weather will be...
  2. B

    The Weather #3 Meteorology moaning

    There were no title suggestions on the previous thread so I channelled my sheer hatred for the heatwave to come up with this🤣🥵
  3. 265

    The Weather #2 Meteorology moaning 🥵🔥☀️🔥

    Welcome to #2. Yep it's bloody hot and claims to be hotter next week so THE SUN will run that "PHEW WHAT A SCORCHER" story again. Previous thread - Carry on sweating.
  4. Tatooine_legend1

    Meteorology moaning - aka the weather, let’s moan about the heat 🥵🔥☀️🔥

    It's awful. Just lots of humidity, stickiness and sweating. Who even likes this weather? Haha