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  1. Jelly Bean

    The Masked Singer UK #8

    Carry on!
  2. 50sGirl

    The Masked Singer UK #7

    Characters & current popular guesses (and reveals) Cat & Mouse - Tom & Gi Fletcher, Martin & Shirlie Kemp, Jade Jones & Emma Bunton Fawn - Kym Marsh, Samantha Womack, a Sugarbabe, Rachel Riley, Carol Vorderman, Emma Bunton Ghost - Chris Kamara Jacket Potato - Brian Conley, Shane Ritchie...
  3. FenellaTheWitch

    The Masked Singer UK #6

    Carry on here ... Guesses so far: Traffic cone = Rob Brydon/Aled Jones Rock Hopper = Michelle Williams RoboBunny = Mark Feehily Panda = ??? Mushroom = Charlotte Church/Lisa Stansfield
  4. nbt

    The Masked Singer UK #5

    Thread 5 let’s go…
  5. calmyourritas

    The Masked Singer UK #4

    Carry on here! final 2 - Sausage vs Badger!
  6. calmyourritas

    The Masked Singer UK #3

    Continue here!
  7. StephenTJackson

    The Masked Singer (UK) #2

    New thread.
  8. megh1995

    The Masked Singer (UK)

    Hope this is okay to post? What are your guesses for who each character is? So far tonight we have seen: Queen Bee, The Duck and Unicorn.