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  1. HaloGirl

    The Food Medic / DB #4 Hazel’s swapped brain cells for sells, sells, sells and clever degrees for dumb DB

    She is no longer the person most of us used to follow. Hazel is ENGAGED. She ran the NY marathon and DB who we are now including in the thread name did not mention it on his socials. Hazel however posted a picture of the motivational quotes DB wrote on her isotonics. DB if you are reading this...
  2. HaloGirl

    The Food Medic #3 DB’s training her to get a peach but don’t mind him, he likes beach

    In case you didn’t know. HAZEL IS ENGAGED. Her content has turned to shite. It’s ads, David, exercise, David more ads and more David. Well done on the title @blocknroll
  3. T

    The Food Medic #2 The Instahun Factor

    New thread! Hope I’ve done it right.
  4. H

    The Food Medic

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