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  1. S

    Tamara Ecclestone #4 feat Petra Ecclestone Obsessed with balloons, married to buffoons

    I hope I have done this correctly, Thank you @QuirkyFlamingo for the great thread title. The two sisters, their kids and the guys are currently in NYC, Jay showed up for a hot minute and skedaddled back home as soon as he could, I just see the thread was changed to Tamara Ecclestone, I...
  2. D

    Tamara Ecclestone #3

    Poll inspired by @Lovestolurk on the old thread
  3. HaloGirl

    Tamara Ecclestone #2

    Tamara and co are still travelling and Sophia got a new phone for Christmas!
  4. Mascaragirl

    Tamara Eccelstone

    Couldn’t find a thread on her so apologies if there is one. She’s really annoyed me jetting off to Croatia in that big yacht during a pandemic. Her husband is so rude replying to people calling them out on it. Awful!