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    TaayBlue #4

    Old thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/taayblue-3.38130/page-57 Couldn't see any name suggestions recently or under most liked posts. I don't follow this girl so I can't give an update, but if anyone else can, that would be great. All I know is she had bad dress sense.
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    TaayBlue #3

    I searched for most liked posts but couldn’t find any thread suggestions! Anyway, if anyone would like to recap, feel free. Love you all GG xx
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    Taayblue #2 Mistaking bloat for baby, according to MLM-Tay IVF is easy

    Most liked thread title by yours truly👻 Thanks for the votes GG’s☺️ Second thread for our Christmas loving, tone deaf coach potato queen Tay😅
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    Surprised there isn’t a thread for her already. Used to own HotMess clothing but has now moved to Marbella and is an MLM boss hun. Thoughts?