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  1. strawb

    Sunbeamsjess #5 never consistent, always disappears, renovates a house for 4+ years

    previous thread here: title by @Jcva thank you!
  2. Smca53

    Sunbeamsjess #4 Can never commit to a schedule personally, but pay me on Patreon and fund the uncertainty

    And so it continues… 🤦‍♀️ Jess continues to be far too busy to even update her 197 paying Patrons. But she finally feels like she’s “finding her momentum… 🤞”. If only we hadn’t heard this ten million times before. 🤦‍♀️ Jess confirmed Ines doesn’t have any schedule because Jess can’t keep to...
  3. Smca53

    Sunbeamsjess #3 Too busy to come up with a thread name

    Brief recap: Jess remains boring. She’s “too busy” all the time despite doing nothing. They’ve moved out of her mums house and in to a rental flat that looks massive from what she has shown. Bets are on about when the house will be ready and whether Ines will have flown the nest by that...
  4. bolimepipi

    Sunbeamsjess #2 we put the same effort into this title as she does her content

    new thread for jess old one: how should i sum up the last one... she's pregnant and she's read some books... ...that's it 😂
  5. Amorphis35


    What are peoples views on Jess? I like her I think she’s sweet but I often wonder what her purpose on YouTube is now? I mean she’s doing Vlogtober but to be fair I’ve only watched one which was the one about their house update as I’m nosey. She said Zac has given up work as a chef to ‘work...