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  1. Shazblag

    Stephanie Davis #4 Caben’s 8th dad in a row, he’s known as our Joe

    New Thread Trolls. Most popular suggestion by @Pixifloss 👏👏
  2. Ethel's little Willy

    Stephanie Davis #3 Sex, drugs and younger men, Caben palmed off to his nan again

    Congratulations to @Cucumber and eggs for the very apt title 👏🏻 🤣 Previous thread here Recap: Steph and Joe went to Turkey Steph got her boobs and teeth done Looks like Steph is drinking...
  3. Ethel's little Willy

    Stephanie Davies #2 Steph's single and mad, time to find Caben another dad!

    Stephanie Davies part 2. Congratulations to @Lucyxxxx for the thread title 👏🏻❤ (tbf it was the only one I think but still 😂😂) Previous thread ETA the recap Quick recap: Steph was with a lad, got pregnant and sadly miscarried. Suddenly they...
  4. freda19

    Stephanie Davis

    Yet Steph Davis battered her bloke around the head with a bed post while he slept, leaving him with a fractured jaw two black eyes and a busted eye socket and she wasn't charged, despite needing a number of police and hotel staff to drag her off him and haul her to the cop shop for the night...
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