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  1. B

    Siobhan O'Hagan #68 Shiv cant do a pull up, Ned cant pull out, starting a business, gives Chatgpt a shout

    Thanks for the thread title @username123456 (Apologies for the last of apostrophes. It upsets me but the only way it would all fit!) Thought I'd give the waterbabies posts a swerve, although they were very popular. How is baby canalboat getting on with swimming these days?
  2. forgotmyacc

    Siobhan O'Hagan #67 Gotta free bed no sign of Ned If I keep this up I’ll be living in mams shed

    New thread !! Cracking title from the one and only @joey giblets Anyone fancy a recap ?
  3. Ryan80

    Siobhan O’Hagan #66 Roses are red, Margs are bitter. Ned should have took the safe option up the ringer

    New title from @joey giblets Had to shorten to fit. Roses are Red Margaritas are bitter Ned should have took the safe opinion And rode her up the shitter took this from most likes. Anyone fancy doing a recap
  4. LetsCallEmOut

    Siobhan O’Hagan #65 Good at jumping on two things - a bandwagon and drunk men

    Most liked thread suggestion with credit to @Sunshineplz Anyone for a recap? As Shiv seems so fond of polls lately I’ve added one for us for fun.
  5. B

    Siobhan O’Hagan #64 Siobhan O'Hagan... living exactly the same as everyone else.

    New thread for Shivvers and the super strong baby canalboat/heart face Credit for thread title goes to @forgotmyacc As you were...
  6. Ryan80

    Siobhan O’Hagan #63 Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Stop pretending you live in Malahide

    New thread title by @Londoncailín Brilliant thread name. Anyone fancy doing a recap
  7. forgotmyacc

    Siobhan O'Hagan #62 Twas the night before jizzmas..

    New thread!! Title wasnt a thread suggestion but had the most likes !!! Edit ... sorry was posted by @SIXTYNINEDUDES! Continue.....
  8. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhán O'Hagan #61 Good ol Shiv, loves a sperm donation, free Oven membership for half the nation!

    Congrats to @Shanto for the title! As ye were.... --- Sorry I forgot a recap and I'm SHITE at them 😭😭 ah well, better late than never 🙈 Well...... Shiv seem to have given birth to a white heart and appears to have grown a giant plastic grip on the side of her head. She doesn't live anywhere...
  9. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhán O'Hagan #60 60th thread, it’s gone south with Ned, we’re looking at the back of Codswallop’s head

    Congratulations to @LetsCallEmOut for the amazing title Shiv and Ned are in Portugal at a wedding. Baby Codswallop is with them All obviously on the piss last night and gearing up for round 2 today. Shiv didn't like her gúna yesterday. Ró was bridesmaid and looked fab. I'm ashamed to...
  10. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhán O'Hagan #59 Everything is fine, Ned’s values didn’t align, it's pronounced Calvin Klein

    Full thread title is: Everything is fine, Ned’s values didn’t align, everything is fine, please give me a dime, everything is fine, it’s actually pronounced ‘Calvin Klein’, everything is fine. But it didn't fit so I did a hatchet job on it 🙈🙈 Thanks to @professional_athlete for the winning title!
  11. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhán O'Hagan #58 Pregnancy. Completed it mate.

    Congrats to @instaknobs for the most liked title As ye were!
  12. S

    Siobhán O'Hagan #57 Furnace baby crowning, Ned frowning, can we guess how many margs Slobbers is downin

    Fantastic thread title by @Sunshineplz ... Very close between a lot of good contenders. Recap: Siobhán "I do not want kids" O Hagan is (more than likely) in labour. Ned (Darragh) is the baby daddy, they are not in a relationship!!
  13. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhán O'Hagan #56 "Holiday romance" baby almost here, Shiv gives Ned the perineal massage fear

    New thread time again!! Bollocky's due date is around now...... ! Congratulations @dothprotesttoomuch for the winning title suggestion! Previous thread here: As ye were...
  14. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhán O'Hagan #55 Little Ned has made his bed, now Siobhan is gonna wreck his head!

    New thread time! Congratulations to @dothprotesttoomuch on the most liked title suggestion. Previous thread here:
  15. B

    Siobhan O'Hagan #54 Baby Daddy buying motors to bring the maintenance down, should've thought of that...

    We're well overdue a new thread and the winner is another long one... Congratulations @dothprotesttoomuch Full title: Baby Daddy buying motors to bring the maintenance down, should've thought of that before knocking up this clown 🤡 Shiv back from a lonely babymoon with a some rent a mates...
  16. S

    Siobhán O'Hagan #53 baby showers with pretend mates, meeting ned for fake dates

    Congratulations to @econgirl for the most liked thread title by a long shot. Full thread title is baby showers with pretend mates, meeting ned for fake dates, still intent on throwing weights & shilling furnace discount rates Recap: still pregnant, still painful
  17. Cáca_Milis

    Siobhán O'Hagan #52 "We" myself and I, oh Shiv, we all know its a lie!

    Congratulations to @forgotmyacc for the winning title Although not strictly put forward as a title suggestion, it was quoted a couple of times as a title by other users and got the most likes. Closely followed by @Londoncailín with her brilliant "Rent a friend at her baby shower, she's...
  18. LetsCallEmOut

    Siobhán O'Hagan #51 Siobhan's life is all pretend, her one-night stand is her only friend

    Siobhan’s now on her 51st thread. Funnily enough, no sign of Ned.
  19. S

    Siobhán O'Hagan #49 Moping around Pearse Street in isolation, awaiting Darragh's once a week visitation.

    Congrats to @surlook for the most liked thread title suggestion! Recap... Still pregnant, still painful!
  20. Miss_cici

    Siobhán O'Hagan #48 She’s thirsty, she’s rough and we still can’t believe she’s up the duff

    Thread title courtesy of @caramelsq 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻
  21. LetsCallEmOut

    Siobhan O’Hagan #47 From first class to double decker, because she succumbed to Ned's pecker

    New thread. As you were! Recap at your leisure.
  22. F

    Siobhan O’Hagan #46 Ned Philanderers has 'come' and gone, living differently didn't last long

    Congrats to @havinasnoop for the thread title. Quick recap: Shiv is in the process of moving into her new soulless apartment in GCD Pearse Street where she's paying €3600 per month rent and getting her steps walking 1km to GCD for coffee and pastries photo ops every. She's still back and forth...
  23. C

    Siobhan O’Hagan #45 from Bali to the box room, live by the swords, die by the Swords

    A strong title, @69Trish69 and @Defo_Not_Shiv thank you! At this stage, I don’t think a lengthy recap is necessary. This gee bag is preggers with Neds baby and living differently has gone full circle and landed her back in the box room. As you were friends…..
  24. LetsCallEmOut

    Siobhán O’Hagan #44 Furnace baking a mini muffin, after Darragh's one night stuffin'

    Congrats @Cáca_Milis on this banger of a thread title. Anyone up for a recap?