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  1. dddddddddddd

    Rosie Connolly Quinn #7 Rosie eat a spud and bog off

    No thread suggestion, so using this as one of the highest rated comments from @ahtisyourself and amended it slightly! Continue!!
  2. F

    Rosie Connolly Quinn #6 fools dying to smell of Jo Malone in reality end up smelling of Post Malone

    new thread title courtesy of @Instagrammyarse
  3. M

    Rosie Connolly Quinn #5 Busy busy Con and Fisher Price Paul, you wouldn’t see the likes on Kat Slater’s stall

    New thread, and a two winning title in a row for @ahtisyourself 😁 Had to edit slightly to fit word limit.
  4. dddddddddddd

    Rosie Connolly Quinn #4 Rosie and Dim, new hair and new chin. Opening a shop for her prison drop

    New thread for Rosie! Thanks to @ahtisyourself for the title!
  5. Mocaacom

    Rosie Connolly Quinn #3 big lips , half zips, website crash, flogging thrash

    Credit to @Mrs Mangle for the title
  6. Mocaacom

    Rosie Connolly Quinn #2 Buy my stuff but I’ll never confess, I swear it’s not from AliExpress

    Credit to @AnnaBananaPie for the title. 👏🏻👏🏻
  7. What's the tea Mrs Doyle?

    Rosie Connolly Quinn

    Irish influencer New thread for Irish influencer Rosie Conn
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