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  1. focusdochas

    Rhi Mummy of Four #6 underwhelming gifts, routine is key unless it’s for Disney

    It was time for a new thread. Just in time for the next manic Disney trip.
  2. K

    Rhi Mummy of Four #5

    New thread for everyone's favourite controlling matriarch šŸ™ˆ
  3. Peaches_xox

    Rhi, Mummy of Four #3

    Old thread - https://tattle.life/threads/rhi-mummy-of-four-2.23737/page-51
  4. Peaches_xox

    Rhi, Mummy of Four #2

    Continue here. Old thread: https://tattle.life/threads/rhi-mummy-of-four.6906/
  5. L

    Rhi, Mummy of Four

    Has anyone been watching this woman? She is ultra organised to within an inch of her life, has tonnes kallax storage in literally every room in the house and has a very strange 'backup' system when doing her grocery haul. She's a very strange one, obviously obsessed with her youngest child who...