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  1. JellyWobbles

    Polly Vadasz #4

    I couldn’t find any thread suggestions in most liked, I apologise if I’ve missed one. Continue here..
  2. OliviaPope

    Polly Vadasz #3 new year new me, 167 counts of bigotry, hehe

    New thread
  3. L

    PollyVdsz #2 Tory vibes, basic business to run, photobombing weddings with Mr Man Bun

    Title thanks to @Randomlyorange Polly owns Sighh studio which makes mediocre stationary. She loves to share intimate details about her sex life and obsessed with “soft launching” her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is too scared of the fame from her following and being stopped in the street… from...
  4. JellyWobbles


    Just wondered on people’s thoughts on her. I have mixed feelings, she seems nice but I don’t think she recognises her privilege amongst other things. - I’m not speaking about her company, she evidently works hard.