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  1. L

    Perrie Sian #3 The Temu version of Molly Mae

    I could not find any thread suggestions, but this was a well liked comment and it seems rather fitting. Old thread: The old thread lasted over a year, so it's quite hard to provide an update. Perrie...
  2. L

    Perrie Sian #2 Likes Dubai too many clothes & return them.

    Thanks to myself 🤣 and @littlepup for the thread name! There weren't any other suggestions, so this isn't rigged. 😆 --- So where to start. The last thread took 10.5 months to finish, but then Perrie was new to the influencer world. She was around the 40,000 followers mark before a Dyson...
  3. Emrae

    Perrie Sian

    Wondering everyone’s thoughts on this girl? I keep seeing her on my IG doing giveaways etc and can’t decide what I think of her lol