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  1. futbolista

    Pep Guardiola #7 “I Want My Warriors”

    Time For A New Thread For The Best Gaffer In The World And The Ultimate DILF Josep Pep Guardiola!! Here's The Old One: Perfect timing since today, we are at the top of the table. Pep wants his warriors and we want...
  2. Just Drive

    Pep Guardiola #6 “Come sit here and you do it!”

    Welcome back to the rave thread of the greatest and sexiest football manager who ever lived, Pep Guardiola. This thread is also a Man City safe space for general Man City discussion. 💙 The thread title was a peevish utterance from Pep that arose from his banter with a fan during today’s game...
  3. Just Drive

    Pep Guardiola #5 Just bring them back already babes

    Congrats to @Donald23 whose thread title suggestion had the most likes. Welcome back to the Pep love thread which also serves as the Manchester City safe space thread. 💙 Recap since the last thread: City won the fucking Champions League AND completed the treble! 🏆🏆🏆 The boss and his...
  4. Just Drive

    Pep Guardiola #4 This team. This manager. This City.

    This team. This manager. OUR CITY! Let’s go get this treble! 💙 🏆🏆🏆 Thank you to @Gossgossgoss9888 and @futbolista for the thread title! Recap: this thread is devoted to the best manager in football and the best team in football. It is our City safe space. 💙
  5. Just Drive

    Pep Guardiola #3 The king of banter, wit & passion, impeccable tactics and touchline fashion

    We’ve got Guuuuaaaaardiola! 💙 Thank you @Gossgossgoss9888 for the perfect title that includes both @Miss Sally and @futbolista ‘s great suggestions. With today’s win and Arsenal’s loss, we are well-positioned to three-peat as PL champions! I love Pep, I love City, and I love you all. I...
  6. Just Drive

    Pep Guardiola #2 Cityzen, Legend, DILF

    Thread number two for the best football manager in the world and our favorite daddy. Recap: we love Pep and this thread is also a City safe space. 💙 (I‘ve asked a mod to create a new Pep Guardiola tag so the threads can be linked.) How about a fashion show? Winter - there’s magic in these...
  7. Just Drive

    Pep Guardiola

    A new thread dedicated to our favorite daddy. The people who may appreciate this: @futbolista @Gattle09 @Gossgossgoss9888 @Violetroselily @rasperryripple @wonderstruck25 @strawberrysunshine_x @mimimithis @lou_claire91 @LurkingAnnie @maccamacc @Starttheline Will we ever convert @cobette ? To...