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  1. Hereforthesh

    PCDev #4 A used Tesla, workouts, creepy flexing, and a failing channel.

    Finally, a new thread for the Douche Lord of YouTube that is PCDev. The previous thread was started May 9, 2022! I guess many of us have stopped watching him and rely on the occasional postings in here to keep up, as I do sometimes. Even those that still post in here didn't care enough to come...
  2. A

    PC Dev #3 Anything you can do, I can do worse

    Well here we are at thread #3 for PCDev... Has he fallen from the graces of Disney, will he ever come up with original content, and did he ever get his fridge fixed? Find out the answers to all those questions here. Props to @Garyinpompey for the winning title. Sorry @HereForTheT3a22 I still...
  3. Mark81

    PCDev #2 Sherlock Dev and the case of the missing views

    Made it to thread number 2
  4. N

    Prince Charming Dev....charming or just annoying?

    I have to say he falls into the latter category for me. I've tried his vlogs a few times, they arent bad in terms of information but I just find him too much on camera and I have to switch off. His GF is somewhat a surprise too. Also Prince Charming Dev for me is just such a cringe name, which...