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  1. Whats the 411

    Our Home Team #3 Who’s back with his maw, no more living for free- Scum Bag Square Jaw

    Absolute belter of a thread title by @teabob 🙌 Our Home Team now known as authentic.evan (😂🤔). Does anyone fancy doing a recap? I joined this shit show towards the end of thread 3.
  2. BR006

    Our home team #2 Evan ..giveaway scammer and sunbed tanner!!

    Time for a new thread! Winning thread title by @Stealingstyle 🙌🏽🙌🏽 does someone want to give a recap of the last thread
  3. L


    Just finished doing up the garden not long ago and wallpaper the spare room to now bought another house to move into.........?? Like WTF what is the need to buy another bigger home when it’s only them two and the house that they’ve got is fine for just the 2 of them