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  1. M

    Notsosmugnow #3 Her life is too hard, her kids are too needy, Cat’s only happy when she’s getting a freebie.

    New thread, title by Abi da Walker as it had the most likes Carry on..
  2. WeHadFunRight

    Notsosmugnow #2 Renewing her vows and displaying her minge, Cat’s giving big time cringe.

    Congratulations @Slatternly for cultivating a fine thread title indeed 👏👏 I took twat out but left minge in… I don’t know if it’ll be allowed or not tbh, it’s hard navigating rude words. Recap (feel free to add…) Cat’s recently renewed her vows and lost her mind. Slaloming between nicking...
  3. W


    Surely this woman deserves a thread of her own?! I cannot be the only one who thinks she is vile! I’ve ever seem a ‘mummy influencer’ treat her kids with such disregard and talk about them with such contempt. Constantly telling her followers it’s ok to basically neglect your kids in front of the...